Jan 17              Sport and Pancakes

                         (Songs of Ritual Exercise)


Feb 21              JIB                                                      

A storming trio made up of maritime greats:Jim Mageean and Barrie & Ingrid Temple! What a sound! An amalgamation of three of the finest north east singers. They are justly respected for their songs and deep understanding of the songs and music of the North of England.


Mar 21              Jennifer Bell & Will Walker                    

Absolutely the most sublime songs and music from these two. Mostly self-penned and very reminiscent of a most beautiful bygone musical period in our history (pre-Henry 8th through to late Elizabethan England). You WILL be captivated and Spellbound!


Apr  18              Fruits and Flowers

                         Songs from the garden.


May 16              Songs of Celebration

                         All seasons – not just May!


Jun 20              Out on the Briny Ocean

(Songs of the Sea) Celebrate the Great seafaring county of Derbyshire  

Jul   18              John and Vic Bowden                       

It’s always a delight when these two drop in for a visit to the DHTMC (which they frequently do) and we thought it was high time they gave us full night of their wonderful songs and anecdotes from their experiences in Canada! Not to be missed!

Aug 15                        NO CLUB!

Happy Holidays All – keep out of the sun! A chance to enjoy yourselves!!!!!!!!


Sep 19                        Tom Lewis –                                          

Mr Maritime, himself! THE Shanty Man! Great self-penned songs of a submariner!

"...full of emotion and rich in truthful detail."

Les Seiminuik, Penguineggs (www.penguineggs.ab.ca)

"...the works of a greatly gifted songwriter. His recordings are filled with a vibrant authenticity that is timeless."

Gerry Taylor, New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal

"A consistently strong set that packs a wallop. Fine stuff with real bite."

Living Tradition Magazine UK

"It's impossible not to sing along."

Dirty Linen




Oct  17                        Who’s The Fool Now?

                         Songs about being had!



Nov 21                        Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne                         

One third of the amazing ‘Granny’s Attic’ with a most arresting musical and vocal talent for one so young – we thought we’d better grab him while we can still afford him! Just amazing – come see!

Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne is a folk musician and singer. Cohen has been a musician since the age of 6 and took to squeezeboxes in his teens and has since developed into a fine player of both the melodeon and anglo concertina.

Cohen's solo repertoire consists mainly of traditional songs with accompaniment from anglo concertina or melodeon. Alongside this Cohen also performs traditional tunes and the occasional un-accompanied song. An average solo performance includes traditional ballads, historical songs, industrial songs, sea songs and shanties all firmly rooted in the English tradition.


Dec 19                        Christmas Special!