11) Words and Language


- Allacronyms.com

- Netlingo

Character Maps

- Online-toolz


- Longman Online Dictionary

- Memidex (variety of resources)

- Your Dictionary

- Wordreference.com 

Diffen (compare/contrast any 2 things)



Knoword vocabulary fun (Thanks Angel!)

MeetingWords (collaborative public notepads)

Newsela (w. customizable reading levels)

Online Dictation (for Chrome users)

Spelling/Grammar/Plagiarism checkers

- PaperRater

- Top 10 Free Tools


- BrainyQuote

- iz quotes

- Positive Quotes for Kids

- QuotesEverlasting

- Quotery

- ThinkExist Quotation Finder

Text Content Analysis Tool

Thesaurus (Synonyms & Antonyms)

Top 100 Speeches

Translations (from Google)


Visual Dictionary


- BMS Vocabulary Bank

- BMS STAAR Vocabulary

- Quizlet (online vocabulary flashcards)

- StudyStack (online vocabulary flashcards)

- StudyStack Sheet (to format for import)

Word Clouds

- (Best) Wordclouds.com

- Wordart.com

-- the tools below require Java --

- Tagxedo Word Clouds

- Wordle

- Advanced Wordle Creator

- Find your Wordle form

Word Lists and Definitions

- MoreWords

- Phrontistery

- Wordfinder


Word Search Creator

Wordsmyth (Custom Glossaries)

Writing Sample Readability Analyzer


12) High-use classroom applications


-Flaming Text Logo Designs (thanks Aiden L!)


-Google Wordart Collection

-Graffiti Creator


--How2 Gzaas demo gif

--Deep Shadow Template

--Preview1 (Welcome! edit)

--Preview2 (My True Color edit)

--Gzaas Preview link hacks (shadow color/depth)

Khan Academy

-Video overview

-YouTube Channel

OneNote 2007

-Getting started

-Demo video

-Tutorial course

-Toolkit for teachers


Prezi (presentation canvas)


-Scratch 2.0 Web Editor

-Scratch 2.0 Offline Version

-Scratch Program Recommendations List

-Download Scratch (ver 1.4)

-Tutorials Links List Gdoc


-Learnscratch.org (Spanish)


-Download Skitch for Windows

-Skitch for Windows Guide

-Windows Snipping Tool

SOM (Screencast-o-matic)

-SOM v1.4 download (for GIFs)

-SOM v2.0 download (not for GIFs)


-Sumopaint Tutorials

-Sumopaint YouTube Channel

Wolfram Alpha

-Video intro (part 1)

-Take a tour

-Examples by topic


13) Fun

2048 (Mobile version)

- Variations of 2048 (thanks Michael F!)

3D Sketch

500 Chrome Experiments

Abbreviations (Text/Chat Webopedia)

- Transl8it (Abbreviations Translator)

Activities Page

Applications & Resources List

Animals & Nature

- Animal gifs search

- London Zoo

Animator vs. Animation Game

Brain Metrix (variety of games - thanks Patrick!)



- Chess.com (thanks Noah!)

- Chrome Checkers or Chess

- Kidchess (thanks Corey!)

- Shredder Chess (thanks Corey!)

- Spark Chess

- UIL Chess shared materials

Coloring Book Pages

- by Thaneeya McArdle

Create Comics!

- Bitstrips (thanks Derek!)

- Bubblr

- Chogger (Comic Strip Creator)

- Dvolver (Comic Movie Creator)

- Make Beliefs Comix

- Voki (Comic Speaking Characters)

Dots and Boxes

- Dots and Boxes (Math is Fun version)

- Dots and Boxes (UCLA version)

- Dotsandboxes.org (thanks Sutton!)

Emoji meanings (Emojipedia)


- Fluid Water 3

- Fluid Fire 3

- Rebelle (Thanks LaurenT!)

- Other escape motions



Gamestar Mechanic (learn to design video games)

Guitar Maniac (Thanks Kyle A!)

HTML5 Games Collection (Thanks Isabell O!)

Image Cube

KenKen Puzzle of the Day


Little Alchemy (Thanks Leo D!)

- Little Alchemy Recipes

Math Games

- Coolmath

- DimensionU

- Hooda Math

- Math is Fun (games index)

- Ms. Strickland's List


- huge traditional collection

- modern collection

- maze generator

Meme Generator

Memory Games from Easy Surf

Mouse-following Creatures List

Music, Scenes & Sounds

- Incredibox v1 (thanks Garrett!)

- Incredibox v2

- Incredibox v3

- Incredibox v4

- Calm (thanks Angel!)

- Rainymood (thanks Garrett!)

- Soundrown (thanks Lily!)

- Soundtrap Beta (collaborative sound editing)

- Virtual Piano (thanks Morgan!)

Music Soundtracks

- Freeplay

- GoSoundtrack

- Jamendo

- Purple Planet


National Geographic

Neave Interactives

- Bouncy Balls (microphone interactive)

- Imagination

News and events

- Time for Kids (Thanks Lynnette!)

Nintendo Online Games (Thanks Jeremy!)

Optical Illusions

-Michael Bach Site: Variety (Thanks Corey!)

Pacman: World's Biggest (Thanks Jaycob!)

Photo Collages and effects


-Loupe Collage



-Search fun with photos

Physics Games

-Powder Game (Thanks Kyle!)

Pivot Installations

- Pivot 2.2.5  (safe school version for use at home)

- Pivot Stickfigure Database

ProProfs Brain Games

Pulp-O-Mizer cover generator

Purrli.com (the internet has a cat)

Puzzles Creator (Thanks Anna!)

QWOP (Thanks Derek!)

Reaction time & memory test (thanks Colton!)

Review Game Zone (all subjects)

Snowdays (created a snowflake)


Spiked Math Games (Thanks Nicholas!)

Sporcle Trivia Quizzes


Text tricks

-Text ASCII converter

-Text Binary converter

-Text Case converter

-Text Converters (Variety)

-Text Flipper (turn text upside down and backwards)

Tank Trouble

Thisissand (Thanks Lily!)


Tinkercad (formerly 3D Tin)

Typing Practice

- Games List

- Just Type This (Thanks Isaac!)

- Z-type

Vector Park (Thanks Michael!)

Weave Silk (Interactive Generative Art - Thanks Autumn!)


14) Additional Tools

Applications Links Map

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Verbs


-Calculator (Desmos Graphing)

-Calculator (Holt McDougal Graphing)

-Calculator.net (variety of calculators)

-Calculator Spreadsheet (10 Function)

Coding Resources

-Code.org Hour of Code (intro to coding)

-Code.org (20hr basics course)

-Code.org Learn (Variety of activities)

-Code.org Learn Beyond (courses listing)



-CS50 (Harvard open-course)

-Code Studio

-EdSurge Coding Guides

-Emojify (Coding Emojis)

-Google CS First

-Google CS First (Game Design - thanks Allan!)

-Hour of Code (Overview)

-Lightbot Hour of Code

-LightBot 1.0 (coding game)

-LightBot 2.0 (improved coding game)

-Quick Ref Guides (programming cheat sheets)

-YouTube Programming Tutorials


- Best Online Collaboration Tools Mindmap

- Best Online Collaboration Tools (ZEEF ver)

- Titanpad (Quick collaborative public notepads)


- Color Aurlien (full browser display)

- Color converter

- Colors info

- Color Picker

- ColRD (thanks Autumn!)

- Paletton (formerly Color Scheme Designer)

Converters (file types)

- CloudConvert

- Zamzar

Converters (units)

- Convert Units (Dates, Salary, Metric, etc.)

- Convert-to (Variety of unit conversions)

Digital Citizenship Interactives

Draw.io (flowchart & Diagram Creator)

Family Online Safety Institute (fosi.org)

- A Platform for Good

Ferlazzo's Best-of-the-web lists

File Extensions Info

- File Extension Library

- Fileinfo.com

File Formats List


- Animated GIF library

- Cinemagraphs

- EZ GIF (online gif creator and editor)

- Giphy (GIF library)

- Giphy GIF Editor

Glogster Edu

-Educator tutorial

How Stuff Works


- Bing homepage images archive (search by date)

- CC Search (Creative Commons Free Use)

- Clipart from MS Office

- Flickr Free Use Group

- Free to use images (Google Search Results)

- Google Advanced Image Search

- Icon Archive

- IconBug

- Image file types and uses

- National Geographic Photography

- Pattern Cooler

- Photos for Class

- Pixabay (free images & videos for use anywhere)

- Prisma (mobile images to art)

- Search Creative Commons

Images to Art

- Dreamscope

- Deepart.io (images to art)

- Deep Dream (Google’s images to art)

iTouchMap.com (coordinates for any point)

Math Calculators

Math Materials

MeetingWords (Public shared notepads)

Polling tools

- Mentimeter (intro video)

PosterMyWall (variety of templates)


QR Codes

-QR code creator (basic)

-qrcode-monkey (custom)

-QRcode-Pro (custom)

-Visualead QR generator (custom)

QR Code Scanners

- Android

- iPhone

Random Name/Item Selectors

- List

- Wheel

Reminder Apps

- Remind (get reminders texted to you)

Similar Site Search

Study Stack

- Basic Computer Terms

- Keyboard shortcuts

Supalogo (free digital logo creator)

TED Talks list

Time Duration Calculator

-Easy Surf Links Menu (lots to explore here!)

-Easy Surf Search Engines Directory

Time (information)

-World Time Clock & Map




-Days.to (countdown timer until specified date)

Video Resources

- EDpuzzle (add questions to videos)

- Savefrom.net (download videos)

- Videonot.es (synch notes to YouTube - thanks Emily!)

URL shorteners

- bit.do (free customizable)

- bit.ly

- goo.gl (Google’s URL Shortener)

WebGL Test Page

- How to enable WebGL

What's my screen size? (click for resolution)

WikiHow Survival Kit

Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts

World Atlas

World Population Counters

- Breathing Earth

- Worldometers

World Tour Panoramas

YouTube Education


15) Google (Search)

A-Z (Alpha list of Google Resources)

A-Z via TCEA (with video demos)

Advanced search

AI Experiments

- Autodraw

A Google a day

Browser Tricks

Build with Chrome

- Brickipedia

Chrome Experiments

Chrome Exts/Apps Links List (this class)

Chrome Exts/Apps Links Directory (by Fennovation)

Create a personal Google Account

Deep Dream (Google’s images to art)



-Template Gallery

-Video Tutorials

Doodles Archive

-Interactive Doodles (search results)

Drawings Cheat Sheet



-Earthviews Favorites List




Facts (Twitter)

Flippity (Gsheets to activities)


Fun Facts

I’m feeling curious

Keyboard Shortcuts

-Chromebook shortcuts






LMGTFY (show others how to ‘Google’)


Music Lab


Products List (all Google stuff)

Public Data Explorer

Science related


-Science Alert

-Science Exts/Apps List

-Seeker (used to be Discovery News)

Search Features (list of Google Search Types)

Search Guide (search operators)

Search Stories

-Tutorial video

-Video Creator

Shake Up Learning Resources (Blog)

-Google Cheat Sheets and Guides

-Google Resources

-Google Tricks and Tips

-Social Media Tips

Spreadsheets functions list


-University Campuses



YouTube Create

Wordart Collection


16) Graphing

Parts of a Graph

ConvertPlus Unit Conversions

Online graphing tutorial

Basic online graph generator

More advanced online graph generator

Random number generator (for incomplete data sets)


17) Other Stuff!

A different kind of place

Bastrop County Animal Shelter

Bio.com (fascinating stories about famous people)

Checkiday: Today’s Holidays (thanks Annie-Jo!)

eSports College Scholarships (search results - past year)

Fact of the Day

Fact Monster

Futurism Infographics

Guinness World Records

How many of me? (people with your name)

How to reduce test-taking anxiety

Indispensable tools web resources list

List Challenges

Moon Connection (lunar facts and info)

Newser (news summaries)

PopSci 100 Greatest Innovations Of 2016

SciTech Digest

This Day in History 

Texas Wildflower Center: What’s in Season?

Texas Wildflower Photos Index