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20100608 - Boardwalk Replacement Underway
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Boardwalk Replacement Underway

Council approves bond ordinance; volunteers get to work


June 8th, 2010

by Erik Weber


OCEAN GATE - Last weekend, volunteers from the borough Beach and Boardwalk Committee, here, jumped into action to replace approximately 150 feet of boardwalk shortly following the borough council's approval of a capital improvement bond ordinance for the materials and equipment.


Their work also followed prior work done through the Ocean County Department of Corrections work release program that saw inmates remove the broken boards, located near Angelsea Avenue, in the days leading up to the May 26th council meeting when the ordinance was approved.


At that meeting, Mayor Paul Kennedy also reported that the workforce provided by the county department also moved some sand away from adjacent homes, in order to prevent the new wood from sitting on top of it.


"It was an emergency type of situation that needed to be repaired immediately," he noted, adding that the bond ordinance would provide for the removal of the old lumber as well as the cost of having a pile driver install approximately 30 new pilings at the site.


"[We] paid a marine expert to drive [the pilings] and connect headers as well," continued the mayor. "That was complete last Thursday."


The final cost of that, he added, was $3,750.


Last Saturday, with temperatures well into the ninety-degree range, the commitee got to work on the next phase.


"We placed all the stringers in and nailed down approximately 30 feet of boards," Mayor Kennedy reported. "


"This is a huge project by Ocean Gate standards, and so far the only cost has been the pile driver," he added, stating that the materials for its replacement have been on hand within the borough for over two years.