Please bookmark this link for future reference.  Sometimes our room is listed in different areas of Paltalk.  

Following these instructions will give you quick and easy access to the room regardless of where it is located.

Respectful Dialogue N Debate Experiment


Interested in respectfully engaging with people of diverse worldviews?

Join our voice chat room at the Respectful Dialogue N Debate Experiment on Paltalk...

1)   Paltalk Messenger Installation:

Paltalk Messenger requires the Windows Operating system.  Download and install it here.

2)   Entering Our Room After Paltalk is Installed:

If you already have Paltalk Messenger installed on your PC, just download this icon, place it on your desktop and open the room directly from there.  You may get a download warning.  I assure you this tiny icon file is safe.  

If that doesn’t work for you, or you elect not to download the icon to your desktop, you can click this link or this link to enter our chat room.  Your browser will probably ask you to confirm that you want to launch Paltalk.  Bookmark the link that works for you in your browser for future use.  

3)   Finding our chat room using the room list search feature:

In the Paltalk Messenger window, click “Actions / Join a Chat Room.”  Then find our room by searching for the room name in the search entry area.  Our room’s name is Respectful Dialogue N Debate Experiment.  Sometimes the room’s name may be modified to accommodate a special event but in any case in will always start with the word “Respectful”.

4)   Users of other operating systems:

For quality purposes, we do not support and discourage other methods of accessing Paltalk in our room.  We strongly recommend that you use the Paltalk Messenger program above which requires the Windows operating system.  

See you there…