Steps to Start/Stop SAP Server

Step 1. Open SAP Management Console

Step 2. The main page of SAP Management Console is opened. Go to left side at Console Root. Expand

              SAP Systems to see All Server Instances by Click on [+] icon.

Here you can see All Instances are in Green color which means Server is up.

Step 3. Right Click on SAP SID to open menu bar. Now, click on Stop to Shutting Down all Server instances.

Step 4. It take some time to completely down the server. In between continuously press Refresh Button

              Situated under the File menu bar.

After All Server Instances goes down, the color of all Instances changed from Green to Grey.

Step 5. Now, to Startup the Server again Right Click on Server SID and click on Start.

The Server Startup is in progress.

Step 6. When all server Instances Startup their color change from Grey to Green. Now click on close button to

Exit the console.