Math Practice

Name the sum of your card and the number that Ozobot shows you. (Teacher directions on page 2.)

Each player puts Ozobot at the    to start a turn.

                      4            5           6            7                          

                      8             9               10

Notes to Teachers:

  1. 2-6 players.
  2. Make playing cards with the addends or multipliers your students need to practice.
  3. Each student takes a turn being the “Mathematician.” Supply a list of addition/multiplication facts for the Mathematician.
  4. Place the cards in a pile.
  5. You can assign specific number cards to students or allow them to draw from the pile of cards.
  6. For each turn the student places Ozobot at the .  Ozobot will randomly take turns to reach the numbers on the playing board.
  7. You may wish to have the Mathematician act as scorekeeper.