Full-time employees shall accumulate sick leave with pay at the rate of one day (8 hours) per month.

Employees who work 20 hours per week, but less than 37.5 hours per week, shall accumulate fractional sick leave days each month on a prorated basis.










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Sick leave does not accrue by years worked.

If the employment date is on or before the 15th of the month, sick leave will begin accumulating the month of employment.  If the employment date is the 16th of the month or after, sick leave will begin accumulating the month after employment.

Sick leave may be accumulated to a maximum of thirty (30) days.

Injury or illness occurring during a regular scheduled vacation will be considered as sick leave if excused by a physician.  Sick leave is paid only in the case of illness or injury incurred, and proof may be required, particularly when such illness or injury occurs prior to or after days off, holidays, vacations, etc.

Medical (sick) leave with pay is available for library employees to be used for the illness or injury of the employee or a member of the employee's immediate family. Immediate family is defined by the Mississippi Code of 1972, Annotated, § 25395 as: spouse, parent, step-parent, sibling, child, stepchild, grandchild, grandparent, soninlaw, daughterinlaw, motherinlaw, fatherinlaw, brotherinlaw or sisterinlaw. Child means a biological,

adopted or foster child, or a child for whom the individual stands or stood in loco parentis.

Sick leave must be approved by the employee’s supervisor.  The Library reserves the right to request a doctor’s certification of illness.

Sick leave may be granted to employees who become ill while on vacation provided immediate notification is given to the Library and satisfactory medical proof is submitted.  In such cases, the balance of the vacation will be rescheduled.  When a recognized holiday occurs during a paid sick leave, the holiday will not be charged to sick leave.


Policy’s Procedural Implementation

Requesting Leave

Each month the Director will distribute an event calendar.  On that event calendar there will be a date indicating when employees should have their leave requests submitted to the Director.  Employees who do not report directly to the Director should have their leave requests routed through their immediate supervisor. Leave requests are only accepted in email form – no phone calls or other verbal communications are acceptable.

Leave requests that have been recognized by the Director will be included on the associated month’s event calendar.  The Director will always notify the employee via e-mail when leave requests are denied.  If an employee’s leave request is not appearing on the calendar and the employee did not receive email notification that their request was denied, that employee should forward the original leave request to the Director with a request for resolution.

Given that the need for sick leave can often not be anticipated, employees should follow the following guidelines when the need for sick leave arises after the calendar submission date:

  1. When sick leave requests arise within the 14 day notification window, employees must notify the Director via e-mail of the need for the late request.   Upon receipt of this notification the Director will likewise respond via e-mail.  If additional information is needed, the Director may contact the employee but will still submit final acknowledgement via email.  Employees should note that non-emergency leave requests may be denied if determined to be arbitrary or to cause undue hardship for the Library.

  1. If emergency sick leave is needed (less than 24 hours’ notice or during the weekend), the employee must contact either the Director or their immediate supervisor by phone to notify of the need for emergency sick leave.  Supervisors notified of emergency sick leave situations must notify the Director via e-mail of the use of the sick leave as well as the particular emergency involved.

Reporting Leave

Indicated on the monthly event calendar will be the date by which employee leave sheets are to be submitted to the Director.  Leave charts are to be signed by both the employee and the Director.  Only original and properly signed copies of leave charts will be processed. By signing the leave sheet, the employee and the Director are agreeing that the leave time reported accurately reflects the leave time used by the employee during the previous month.  When discrepancies occur between the employee’s leave sheet and the Director’s records, the employee and/or the employee’s supervisor will be contacted via e-mail in order to obtain an explanation for the discrepancy.

After all discrepancies have been resolved, the Director will update the employee’s annual leave chart and e-mail a copy to the employee with an optional ‘cc’ to the employee’s supervisor.  Any questions regarding the employee’s annual leave chart should be sent to the Director via e-mail.