Haplogroup I- Mitchell DNA project


Haplogroup I, Lineage Group 3


The kits in this group have not found the link in their genealogy to one another.  All were in Georgia around 1790-1800. Could that be a link between them?  


Kit 82082


John Mitchell b. 1793 GA m. Mary Polly Edwards

    Jesse Mitchell b. 1828 Rutherford Co. TN m. Martha Anne Latta d. ca. 1912 Crawford Co. AR

        John Thomas Mitchell b. 1851 Maury Co. TN m. Elmira Dearing d. 1931 Crawford Co. AR

            Sidney Voaid Mitchell b. 1886 m. Flora Mattie McKee d. 1960 Los Angeles, CA


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Kit 162704


Thomas Mitchell b. 1757 Franklin Co. NC? d. 1853 Lawrence Co. TN

        Thomas H. Mitchell b. 1802 GA d. 1887 Lawrence Co. TN

                Henry Guston Mitchell b. 1886 Lawrence Co. TN d. 1940 Lawrence Co. TN

                        Arthur Houston Mitchell b. 1893 Waynesborro, TN d. 1965 Fresno, CA

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Kit 86190


Thomas Landreth Mitchell b. 1793 GA m. Sarah Kennedy d. MS

    James M. Mitchell b. 1835 Choctaw Co. MS m. Martha Winfree d. 1863

        Elijah Thomas Mitchell b. 1857 m. Mary Jane Land d. 1908

            Albert Nathan Mitchell b. 1884 TX m. Martha A. Pendergrast d. 1929 AR


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