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Two weeks ago, the year 6’s had the best time ever at the stunning Marine Reserve at Long Bay!  We had an amazing time, a lot of fun and we had the chance to participate in a lot of teamwork activities.  But one of my favourite activities was Stack’em, so I’m going to tell you all about it.

First, our group headed over to the Stack’em area where we saw a tall man named Gas, he was the instructor for this activity.  He showed and explained how the harness and all the rules about Stack’em.

Then, we got into partners and put our harnesses on and waited until our turn.  After a long, long period of time, it feels like forever, it was my turn.  I was so excited, I ran quickly to the starting wood block, I was excited but still I tighten my hands and took a deep breath.  Gas clicked the safety line onto my harness. Jasmin, my partner started to pass the creates on.  I stacked one on and another one and as I stacked on, the crates wobbled as I go, everything was fine until I reached the 7th crate, it started to wobble really really hard, all of a sudden…the crates fell down on the ground, I closed my eyes, it felt like flying when I fell down, I was in the air. When I opened my eyes I landed safely on the ground, then I laughed loudly.

Finally I took my harness off and returned to the waiting area, after a few more people’s turns, it was the end of this activity, Gas concluded with a ending message.

Overall, we had a great activity, we had lots of fun working together with our partners. Camp is all about teamwork, social, encouragement and all of the makes it fun!