Unified School District 211 Enrollment Packet Downloadable documents. Adobe Acrobat or alternative PDF reader is required for viewing.

  1. Back to School Info

Info Graphic with Back to School information.

  1. Required Legal Notifications
  1. Special Education Services
  2. Equal Opportunity & Discrimination Complaints
  3. Family Educational Rights Privacy Act
  4. Office of Civil Rights and 504 Guidelines
  5. Homeless Education
  6. Military Recruiting Information

This form must be completed and returned to the High School Counselor on or before Sept 2. If you do not want your High School student's name and address given to Military recruiters.

  1. Drug and Weapon Free Schools
  2. Emergency Safety Interventions
  3. Student Data Disclosures

Parent Signature Required for EACH student enrolled.

  1. Free and Reduced Meals
  1. Free and Reduced Meals Instructions
  2. Free and Reduced Meals Application

Pages 5-6 of this form is to be completed and returned to school.

  1. Info Free and Reduced Meals and Tech Funding
  1. Student Health Information
  1. Student Health Services
  2. Student Health History Form

This form is to be completed and returned to the school.

  1. Request to Administer Medicine at School

This form must be filled out if medication is to be dispensed at school.

  1. Required Immunizations

Please read carefully; USD 211 complies with the immunization requirements.

  1. Health Wave Health Insurance
  2. KANCARE Info
  3. Student Insurance Info
  1. Enrollment Dates & Times
  2. Bus Information and Sign Up

This form is to be filled out and returned to school if your students will ride the bus.

  1. Electronic Calendar Available
  2. EES Back-to-School Open House
  3. Fall Sports Practices JH
  4. Fall Sports Practice HS
  5. School Supplies EES
  6. School Supplies NJHS
  7. EES Collects BoxTops & Labels
  8. HS Yearbook Order Form
  9. NCHS Supplies List
  10. Annual USD 211 Report

Families new to USD 211 are required to fill out this form and return to a school office.

  1. Home Language Survey - English
  2. Home Language Survey - Spanish
  1. Migrant Education Survey

Information about services available through the Migrant Education Program. Also, home language survey. Please fill out the forms and return them to any of the school office during enrollment.

  1. Migrant Education Survey - English
  2. Migrant Education Survey - Spanish
  3. Migrant Education Information - English
  4. Migrant Education Information - Spanish