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12/7/2018 - “On US Foreknowledge of the Pearl Harbor Attack” - Minds

11/29/2018 - “The Guardian’s Latest Assange Smear Backfires” - The Libertarian Institute

8/8/2018 - “Iran Sanctions Aren’t Just Counterproductive, They’re an Act of War” - The Libertarian Institute

6/25/2018 - “At War With Ourselves: The Domestic Consequences of Foreign Policies” - Consortium News

4/18/2018 - “Ukraine’s NATO Bid Risks Even Worse U.S.-Russia Ties” - Consortium News

3/19/2018 - “Chemical Facility Hit in Syria Strike Cleared Twice by Inspectors in 2017” - The Libertarian Institute

3/7/2018 - “Record Afghan Opium Crop Signals Violent Year for U.S. Forces” - Consortium News

12/11/2017 - “Yemen’s Silent Numbers: Official Death Count Masks War’s Toll on Civilians” - The Libertarian Institute

6/28/2017 - “Report: Syrian Government Not Responsible for Alleged Khan Sheikhoun Chemical Attack” - The Libertarian Institute

5/31/2017 - “American Foreign Policy is a Trainwreck” [Updated] - The Libertarian Institute

5/10/2017 - “US Killing Civilians in Battle for Mosul” - The Libertarian Institute

4/9/2017 - “US Bombs Syria in Retaliation for Alleged Chemical Attack” - Antiwar.com

3/13/2017 - “US Escalates Role in Syrian War” - The Libertarian Institute

3/7/2017 - “Maintaining the Swamp” - The Libertarian Institute

11/29/2016 - “Coping with a Warzone” - The Libertarian Institute

10/31/2016 - “Hillary Clinton's Selective Moral Outrage” - The Libertarian Institute

06/17/2016 - “World's Largest Arms Dealers Lecture Americans on Assault Weapons” - Antiwar.com

08/19/2015 - “Who is Mordechai Vanunu and Why Should You Care?” - Antiwar.com

5/7/2015 - “The Empire Comes Home” - Antiwar.com

RT Staff Writer Archive:

4/10/2019 - “Our growing family tree: New human ancestor discovered in Philippines cave”

4/10/2019 - “Fat chance: Trump sees Netanyahu win as a boon to Middle East peace”

4/15/2019 - ”‘Journalistic freedoms may be under threat’: John Oliver slams US media for Assange coverage”

4/15/2019 - “‘We used to talk during the Cold War’: Top US general urges communication with Moscow”

4/15/2019 - “Israel took out ‘Iranian missile site’ in Syria… or something like that”

4/16/2019 - “Cash bail system drives mass incarceration of the poor – lawsuit against Detroit”

4/16/2019 - “Scientists attempt cloning extinct horse after LIQUID BLOOD found in 42,000-year-old remains”

4/16/2019 - “Syria & Iran slam US ‘economic terrorism,’ urge diplomacy”

4/17/2019 - “Twitter eats ‘every last drop’ of Tucker Carlson’s weird moment on air”

4/17/2019 - “Utair Boeing 737 engine spouts FLAMES on runway just before takeoff (VIDEO)”

4/17/2019 - “MILLIONS of pills: 60 doctors & pharmacists caught up in largest federal opioid bust in US history”

The Daily Sheeple Staff Writer Archive:

05/05/2017 - “Syria Agreement Will Establish 'De-escalation Zones'”

05/08/2017 - “Eyewitness Accounts Belie White House Claims on Mosul Strike”

05/08/2017 - “Violence Slows in Syria After De-escalation Plan Takes Effect”

05/09/2017 - “Putin: 'The Recovery Process in Russo-Turkish Ties is Complete'”

05/09/2017 - “Will U.S. Ignore Syria Ceasefire Zones?”

05/09/2017 - “FBI Director Comey Fired”

05/10/2017 - “U.S. Citizen Detained in North Korea, the Second in Two Weeks”

05/10/2017 - “U.S. Lawmakers Urge Reevaluation of Yemen Policy”

05/11/2017 - “Florida Woman Faces Felony for Criticizing Police Incompetence”

05/11/2017 - “Amid Taliban Gains, U.S. Prepares to Escalate Afghan War”

05/11/2017 - “Talks with Turkey Highlight America's Two-Faced Foreign Policy”

05/12/2017 - “Trump Will Sell 'America First' Foreign Policy on First Trip Abroad”

05/12/2017 - “Lawsuit: Missouri Mother Allowed to Die in Jail Cell”

05/12/2017 - “U.S., Saudi Arabia to Negotiate Billions in Arms Deals”

05/15/2017 - “Lyft, Waymo Contract Marks Next Step for Self-Driving Cars”

05/15/2017 - “North Korea Looks to Fit Nuclear Warheads to Missiles in Test”

05/16/2017 - “Canada, U.S. Fail to Put Syrian al-Qaeda Affiliate on Terror List”

05/16/2017 - “Trump Slammed for Alleged Intel Leaks to Russians”

05/17/2017 - “NYT's Syria 'Crematory' Story Based on Flawed Report”

05/17/2017 - “Autistic 7-Year-Old Cuffed at School, Held for 6 Days in Mental Facility”

05/18/2017 - “WikiLeaks Attorneys: New Laura Poitras Film Puts 'Clients in Legal Jeopardy'”

05/18/2017 - “2016 Documentary Looks at America's 'National Bird'”

05/19/2017 - “Coalition Jets Strike Syrian Government-Allied Convoy”

05/19/2017 - “Reuters/Ipsos Poll: Trump Approval Drops to Lower Point Since Inauguration”

05/22/2017 - “$110 Billion in Arms Deals to Saudi Arabia After Trump Visit”

05/22/2017 - “Hundreds of Syrian Rebels Evacuate Homs After Reconciliation Deal”

05/23/2017 - “Suicide Bombing Kills 22 at Ariana Grande Concert”

05/23/2017 - “House Looks to Increase Permanent U.S. Military Footprint in Europe”

05/24/2017 - “ISIS War Minister Killed East of Aleppo”

05/24/2017 - “Officer Who Fired 21 Shots After High Speed Chase with Teen Driver Cleared of Wrongdoing”

05/25/2017 - “The Daily Sheeple's Will Porter on the Foreign Policy Focus Podcast”

05/25/2017 - “U.S. Admits to Over 100 Civilians Killed in Mosul Strike”

05/25/2017 - “Global Drug Survey: Magic Mushrooms Safest Recreational Drug”

05/26/2017 - “'Most Likely to Become a Terrorist' Award Given to Texas Student”

05/26/2017 - “New Revelations Shed Light on Extent of NSA Spying Under Obama”

05/29/2017 - “Belgian Monarchy Angered Over New Burger King Ad”

05/30/2017 - “Space Industry Mogul 'Absolutely Convinced' of Alien Presence on Earth”

05/30/2017 - “Is the U.S. Planning a Long-Term Presence in Syria?”

05/31/2017 - “American Foreign Policy is a Trainwreck”

05/31/2017 - “New York Police Sergeant Charged with Murder of 66-Year-Old Mentally Ill Woman”

06/01/2017 - “U.S. Continues to Work with Iraqi Special Forces Unit Despite Evidence of Torture”

06/01/2017 - “Police Sex Scandal Case Settled for Just Under $1 Million”

06/02/2017 - “Hundreds of Civilians Dead in Mosul Airstrike”

06/02/2017 - “Trump Backs Off Support for Moving U.S. Embassy in Israel”

06/05/2017 - “Illinois Man Jumps Into Moving Car, Rescues Driver Who Was Having a Seizure”

06/05/2017 - “Israel Expected to Approve 2,500 West Bank Settlement Units”

06/06/2017 - “The Daily Sheeple's Will Porter on the Foreign Policy Focus Podcast #49”

06/06/2017 - “Supreme Court Takes Steps Toward Reining in Asset Forfeiture Abuse”

06/07/2017 - “U.S. Bombs Pro-Assad Forces, Again”

06/07/2017 - “James Comey, Other U.S. Officials Sued by Former Intelligence Contractor”

06/08/2017 - “Comey on Russiagate: Where's the Proof?”

06/08/2017 - “U.S. Strikes Pro-Assad Forces for Third Time in One Month”

06/09/2017 - “Senate Moves Forward on Iran Sanctions Bill”

06/09/2017 - “Trump Backs NATO Mutual Defense Pact”

06/12/2017 - “Despite U.S. Resistance, Syrian Forces Reach Iraqi Border”

06/12/2017 - “Hostage Crisis: Wild Bobcat Holds New Jersey Family Captive”

06/13/2017 - “North Korea Releases American Prisoner, Said to be in Coma”

06/13/2017 - “Defense Secretary Mattis: 'We Are Not Winning the War in Afghanistan'”

06/14/2017 - “Texas Woman Wants Her Nuggets Now, Calls Police Over Food Delay”

06/14/2017 - “Senate Kills Bill That Would Halt Saudi Arms Deals”

06/15/2017 - “U.S. Authorizes $12 Billion Arms Deal with Qatar”

06/15/2017 - “Russia Sanctions Bill Passes in Senate 97-2”

06/16/2017 - “Declassified Documents Shed Light on U.S. Role in 1953 Iran Coup”

06/16/2017 - “4,000 Additional Troops to be Deployed to Afghanistan”

06/18/2017 - “U.S. Downs Syrian Jet, May be Preparing for Long-term Occupation”

06/19/2017 - “Florida Man with Machete Takes on 5 Armed Robbers, Wins”

06/20/2017 - “Miami Police Commander Fired for 'Hindering' Shooting Investigation”

06/20/2017 - “Russia, U.S. Trade Threats As Tensions Heat Up Over Syria”

06/21/2017 - “U.S. Citizen Kidnapped in Afghanistan”

06/21/2017 - “Officer Who Killed Philando Castile Fired from Police Force”

06/22/2017 - “Off-Duty San Antonio Cop Crashes into Squad Car, Faces DWI Charge”

06/22/2017 - “UAE Warned U.S. it Would End Intel Cooperation Over JASTA Legislation”

06/23/2017 - “The Daily Sheeple's Will Porter on the Foreign Policy Focus Podcast #57”

06/23/2017 - “Syrian White Helmets Volunteer Caught on Video Dumping Mutilated Corpses”

06/23/2017 - “Video: SpaceX Launches and Lands Used Rocket for the Second Time”

06/26/2017 - “Report: Syrian Government Not Responsible for Alleged Khan Sheikhoun Chemical Attack”

06/26/2017 - “Idaho Officer Resigns After Two DUIs in Three Days”

06/27/2017 - “Officer in Upstate New York Charged with Rape of Minor”

06/27/2017 - “Republican Senator Vows to Block Arms Sales to Gulf Monarchies”

06/28/2017 - “Study: Pentagon Wasted $28 Million on the Wrong Kind of Camouflage”

06/29/2017 - “Senate Introduces $700B National Defense Authorization Bill”

06/29/2017 - “NYPD Officers Prevented Nearly 100 People from Recording Police, Report Shows”

06/30/2017 - “Russia, Syria Respond to White House Chemical Attack Allegation, Threaten Retaliation”

06/30/2017 - “North Carolina Deputy Charged with Child Sex Crimes Committed While Working as School Safety Officer”

07/03/2017 - “Rich White House Staffers Paid Handsome Salaries”

07/03/2017 - “Gen. Townsend: U.S. Has Role In Iraq 'Long After ISIS'”

07/05/2017 - “Threats Fly After North Korean Missile Test, Russia and China Urge De-escalation”

07/05/2017 - “New Jersey Officer Under Investigation After Struggle with Jaywalker”

07/06/2017 - “Kurdish Militia Commander: Clashes with Turkey May Come 'Within Days'”

07/06/2017 - “Palm Beach Sheriff's Deputy on Paid Leave After Child Porn Charges”

07/07/2017 - “Trump, Putin Meet at G20 Summit to Discuss Geopolitics”

07/07/2017 - “NYT Issues Correction After Quoting Parody North Korea Twitter Account”

07/10/2017 - “Ceasefire Holds in Southwest Syria”

07/10/2017 - “New Jersey Officer Suspended and Charged After Beating Teen”

07/11/2017 - “The Daily Sheeple's Will Porter on the Foreign Policy Focus Podcast #64

07/12/2017 - “The Latest Russian Plot: Hacking Nuclear Power Plants”

07/12/2017 - “Spreading the Patriotism: U.S. Sells Patriot Missiles to Several East European Nations”

07/13/2017 - “Officer Who Shot Philando Castile Accepts Near $50k in Severance Deal”

07/13/2017 - “Russia, NATO Set to Discuss 'Unsafe' Aircraft Maneuvers at Brussels Meeting”

07/14/2017 - “The Pentagon Secretly Tested Chemical Weapons on American Soldiers”

07/17/2017 - “A Young Syrian's Take on the War”

07/17/2017 - “Civilian Casualties in Iraq and Syria Set to Double Under Trump”

07/18/2017 - “Demands for Regime Change Recede in Syria Talks”

07/18/2017 - “IG Report: Army Facility Improperly Handled Chemical Agents”

07/19/2017 - “Public Defender: Body Cam Footage Shows Baltimore Cop Planting Drugs”

07/20/2017 - “The CIA Took Four Years to Declassify its Dress Code”

07/20/2017 - “Turkish-Backed Fighters Arrive in Idlib Amid Clashes Between Rival Jihadist Factions, Rebels Say”

07/21/2017 - “Mentally Ill Man Sustains Third-Degree Burns After Struggle with Police”

07/24/2017 - “In Mosul, ISIS Had the Ingredients For a Frightening Weapon”

07/24/2017 - “Will Trump Hold Off Sending More Troops to Afghanistan?”

07/25/2017 - “Florida Officer Who Was Fired After 25 Citizen Complaints Rehired to Police Force”

07/25/2017 - “White College Employees Fired for Parody Rap Album Cover”

07/26/2017 - “Declassified Documents Detail Scope of Illegal Spying Under Obama's NSA”

07/27/2017 - “San Diego Teacher Stands Up to Border Patrol at Checkpoint”

07/27/2017 - “Veteran Intelligence Professionals Memo: Was the 'Russian Hack' an Inside Job?”

07/28/2017 - “Debunking Neocon Propaganda Line-by-Line”

07/28/2017 - “The Daily Sheeple's Will Porter on the Foreign Policy Focus Podcast #72”

07/31/2017 - “As Senate Moves Forward on Sanctions, Trump Says He May Scrap Iran Nuclear Deal in September”

07/31/2017 - “White House Considers Afghan Troop Withdrawal”

08/01/2017 - “Government Watchdog: U.S. is 'Drowning Afghans in Money'”

08/01/2017 - “Video: Teen Dead After Border Patrol Agents Encouraged Him to Drink Liquid Meth”

08/02/2017 - “'I'll Keep Doing it Until I Run Out of Batteries': Tennessee Sheriff's Deputies Torture Inmate with Tasers”

08/03/2017 - “Voting Technology Firm: Official Venezuela Election Tally Off by at Least 1 Million Votes”

08/03/2017 - “Pentagon Suppresses Release of Book on Torture”

08/07/2017 - “Has Russiagate Finally Been Solved?”