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2014-03-03 Project Communications
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SUBJECT: March 3rd - Status Update - RFP Issued, RFP Review Team Members Needed

Today, the 2014 Solarize Plano Project Request for Proposal (RFP) was issued to local area solar companies!  We are very excited to have reached this milestone! The RFP information is also available for your review at

As you may recall when you enrolled in the project, there was a question regarding your interest to participate in the company selection process.  We are now at the point in the project schedule to form the RFP Review Team. Our objective is to have an RFP Review Team size of at least 5-7 enrolled participants.  

As the next step, we need for those of you that are interested in participating in the RFP Review Team to complete a brief online questionnaire available here - RFP Review Team Questionnaire.   We need your responses completed no later than March 13.

The schedule for the RFP Review Team is:

We look forward to working with those of you interested in participating in the RFP Review Team and with all of you as proceed through the overall project.

Thanks and Shine On!

Larry Howe, Bob Litwins, and all the volunteers at

Plano Solar Advocates

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