A Green Campus

● We harvest rain water and recharge our bore wells to meet our water consumption needs.

● 80% of the waste water from the kitchen and bathrooms is recycled and used to irrigate our gardens.

● Solar energy is used to meet our electricity requirement for 10 months. We also use solar cookers and solar heaters.

● Our waste is segregated at source; organic waste is processed into compost that is used in our own gardens, and dry waste is given away for recycling.

● Our infrastructure includes a sewage water treatment plant.

Our Growth Plans

● As stated in our mission statement, we plan to expand by replicating our model with units that can house 60 mentally challenged adults each.

● We plan to start an Early Intervention Program for mentally challenged friends in the 3–6 age groups.

● We plan to start a Day Care Centre for mentally challenged friends in the 6–18 age group, with a workshop for mentally challenged adults.

You could be a big help to us...

● Contribute towards construction of our second unit.

● Sponsor an inmate.

● Volunteer your service at Navkshitij, when convenient.

● Join us on a trek or teach us dance, drama, music.

● Discover and invent other ways to help us.

Check out www.navakshitij.org for the list of our latest needs.

I enclose a cheque/ DD No._________________________ for Rs. _________, (Rupees ________________________ dated __________, drawn on _______________________ towards ________________________________________ _______________________________________________ Name of the donor: _______________________________ Addeess: _______________________________________ _______________________________________________ Phone: ___________ Email id: ______________________

Cheques/ DD in favour of NAVAKSHITIJ

Donations are entitled to tax exemption u/ s 80G of Income Tax

Society Regn No. F-20837 Pune dated 22nd May 2006 Trust Regn No. Maharashtra/1021, Pune dated 25th June 2004

Bank Details Donations in India Name of Account Holder: Navkshitij Name of Bank: Bank of Maharashtra Branch: Hinjewadi, Pune Account No.: 20124547329 IFSC code: MAHB 0001367

FCRA Details for donations from abroad Name of Account Holder: Navkshitij FCRA No.: 083930513 Name of Bank: Bank of Maharashtra Branch: Hinjewadi, Pune Account Number: 60031688980


Navkshitij contact details Next to Zilla Parishad School, Kasarsai Road, Marunji Village, Taluka Mulshi, Pune-411057. Maharashtra. INDIA.

T : +91 98500 92195 / +91 97636 49335 E: info@navkshitij.org / navkshitij@rediffmail.com www.navkshitij.org

Navkshitij on the web:

About Navkshitij: http://www.youtube.com watch?v=NqWCHoC_PqE

Adventure activities: https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=TM17TYamUNI


Home for Mentally Challenged Adults

What is Navkshitij Established in the year 2003, Navkshitij is a home committed to improving the well-being of Mentally Challenged Adults (MCF). Here they have a regular routine set for the day, which includes vocational activities. There are fixed meal timings, workshop hours, duties assigned, fun activities, nature walks and bedtimes.

What makes it different from other homes Those who follow this normal routine are mentally challenged adults who, with the help of the caregivers, good practices and infrastructure at Navkshitij, lead a near normal life; in fact, at times better than normal life. After all, trekking in the Himalayas is something that not everybody does; many of our special friends have successfully participated in high altitude trekking in the Himalayan ranges not once but seven times! We nurture the MCF in a compassionate environment and encourage them to become as independent as possible.

Our Vision To give a life of happiness and excitement to mentally challenged persons and a stress-free life to their parents.

Our Mission The mission of Navkshitij is to create a home for mentally challenged adults, where their ageing parents can see them relocated, assured that their child will live a life which is happy, dignified, warm and full of excitement and joy, and also be an accepted part of society; and in this way motivate and empower other NGOs and parents to start many such centres, replicating the Navkshitij model.

Our Belief

● MCF have the right to a happy, dignified, fulfilling life.

● MCF need a peer group as much as any normal person does. In peer group, they do not feel challenged.

Our Unique Activities

● Two-week course for caregivers, launched in 2013.

● Exchange Program between Navkshitij and other NGOs working in the field of rehabilitation of MCF, launched in 2012.

● SETU, launched in 2011, an Initiative to visit other organizations working in the same field.

● Siblings Conference, launched in 2011, an annual event for the siblings of resident MCF.

● Street Plays for generating awareness on burning social and environmental issues, launched in 2009.

● Annual interschool Parvati climbing competition for MCF, launched in 2009.

● Annual Natya Mahotsav, launched in 2008, an interschool drama competition for MCF.

● Monthly Traffic awareness program, launched in 2007, where our MCF work with the traffic police to instil Traffic Discipline.

● Holiday Home for MCF, launched in 2007, where parents of other MCF can leave their ward at Navkshitij for a short time.

Vocational Training Centre Objective: Workshop activities give mentally challenged friends regularity to their day, immense self-dignity, increased self-confidence and feeling of self-worth.


● Reduces behavioral problems

● Helps them become independent in their regular daily routine

● Increases social skills

● Improves mental and physical health

● Increases working capacity, which helps them to be responsible human beings

Types of workshops:

● Chocolate

● Jewelry

● Candle

● Paper lanterns

● Greeting cards

● Envelope

● Handmade paper bags

We make delicious handmade chocolates! Chocolates are a universal favourite that transcend all barriers – age, race, religion and class. They can be gifted on a million occasions and are a gift that is welcome by everyone.

There is a special flavour added when special people are involved in the process of making the chocolates and when the sale proceeds are used for their benefit.

Delicacy handmade chocolates are prepared and packed at the workshop in our premises, under the vigilant supervision of our Workshop Manager who has been personally trained by an expert in making handmade chocolates.

The products are eggless and dark compound with no added sugar.

Delicacy Nav-choco bouquet: In various sizes

Delicacy Nav-chocos: Plain Chocolates priced at Rs. 800/kg

Delicacy Club Nav-chocos: Assorted Chocolates including plain chocolates, dry fruit chocolates and chocolates with enticing essences and flavours, priced at Rs. 850/kg

Delicacy Nutty Nav-chocos: Almond and cashew chocolates priced Rs. 900/kg

To book your orders, contact Mr. Wayal: +91 98500 92195 Mr. Munde: +91 97636 49335

For corporate orders, contact Dr. Neelima Desai: +91 95525 47456

Our Story in a Nutshell Navkshitij was established on November 27, 2003, and was initially a day care centre. We acquired a dilapidated building from the Irrigation department on lease and made it habitable within ten weeks. We established our first permanent residential centre where our MCF can live with their peers and lead happy, peaceful and productive lives.

In June 2007, Navkshitij became a residential facility and now accommodates 46 mentally challenged individuals in our two units at Marunji and Kusgaon, Pune.

Dr. Neelima Desai Profile Founder President Dr. Neelima Desai was an Ayurveda practitioner. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Ayurveda, which was awarded to her in the year 2011. Dr. Neelima has published and presented scientific papers on Ayurveda at national and international conferences.

A multi-faceted personality, Dr. Neelima has a special passion for the outdoors. High altitude trekking is her favourite activity. She is an enthusiastic participant in cycling expeditions too. She has pedaled from Pune to Hyderabad, in 1998, and to Mumbai in 2004. Dr. Neelima’s crowning glory was the award for the “eldest participant to complete the Enduro 3 Endurance Adventure Race”, in 2004.

However, what she carries close to her heart is Navkshitij, which was started by her along with her husband, Dr. C. R. Desai, and motivated by her younger daughter Aditi, who is mentally challenged.

Her contribution to the field of rehabilitation of mentally challenged has won her many awards and great acclaim.

Our Team

President . . . . . .Dr. Mrs. Neelima Desai

BAMS, ND, Ph. D – +91 95525 47456

Vice President . .Dr. Chandrashekhar Desai

MS (ENT) – +91 98817 91915

Secretary . . . . . .Mrs. Vasudha Divekar

STC, C.P.Ed, Rashtrabhasha Pandit – +91 99215 29378

Treasurer . . . . . .Mr. Suneel Kulkarni

BE, ICWA (Inter) – +91 98220 18808

Member . . . . . . .Dr. Anand Dixit – BAMS – +91 98230 24278

Mr. C. E. Potnis – M.Sc – +91 98509 81903 Adv. Sujata Kulkarni – LL.B, LL.M – +91 94220 85334 Adv. Sudesh Hadke – BSL, LLB – +91 98509 56545 Mrs. Kanaka Cadambi – MA, DJ – +91 98906 80778