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Trump’s Paint My Life - Find out a lot about Trump!

Trump’s Piano Performance 
Trump's Streaming Tips 
Trump’s Decklists 
Trump’s Basic Teachings 
Trump’s Deck Teachings 
Trump’s Interactive Drafts

TempoStorm - Metagame Snapshot article.
Vicious Syndicate - Data Reaper Report has all recent stats (and examples of decks).
HSReplay - Statistical aggregation of decks and success rate with specific cards.
HearthstoneTopDeck - Tournament decks.
Hearthpwn - Popular good decks.
The LightForge - Arena Tier List.
Hearth Arena - Arena Tier List.
Reddit: Hearthstone - Hearthstone Current News.
Reddit: Competitive Hearthstone - Competitive Hearthstone News.

Hearthstone Deck Tracker - The deck tracker I use to real-time update cards remaining in deck.

At A Glance

Name: Jeffrey Shih

Age: 31

Living At: Austin, Texas

School: New York University

Major: Business

Myers Briggs Personality Test: INTP

List of Played PC Games: THE LIST

List of Watched Anime: THE LIST

Favorite Anime: Your Lie in April
Favorite (Recent) Anime: Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Favorite Anime Character: Hachiman 

Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones

Favorite Movie: Groundhog Day

Favorite Book: Calvin & Hobbes

Favorite Music: Final Fantasy Music / Nobuo Uematsu

Favorite Board Game: The Great Western Trail, Terraforming Mars, and I love “deception” games such as Werewolf or The Resistance.  Always willing to try a new one!

Favorite Computer Game: Hearthstone

Favorite Animation: Mimiron's Head (&V-07-TR-0N)

Favorite Card: Elise, Trailblazer

Favorite Class: Warlock

Favorite Deck: Midrange Paladin

Favorite Food: Korean BBQ / Ramen

Favorite Color: Gold (Especially with Purple)

Favorite Sports: eSports, very little knowledge of any other sport


Why did you move to Austin?

Austin, Texas is a nice city!  I finally moved away from parents for independence and Texas is a great state to live in for tax purposes as a broadcaster.  And for another reason!

10/29/2018 Update: Austin’s awesome!  Has great board gamers!  So I bought a house here.  Yeehaw, I’m a Texan!

Are you a full time streamer?  

Yes, I am a full time streamer.  I end up “working” about 60 hours a week.  This time includes time spent off stream preparing for stream in various ways.  That’s a lot and maybe I’m a workaholic, but I really enjoy what I do and it's what I would be doing in my free time anyways!

10/29/2018 Update: now a much saner 40 hours a week, roughly!  

How did you like New York University?  How did you like New York City?
New York City is, in my view, too big, too noisy, too cold, and the people (of which there are too many) are a bit cold too.  New York University's campus is very unique in that it's several individual buildings in New York City - it's great for some, but it wasn't for me.

Who is your favorite streamer?
Constructed: Savjz, Kolento, Lifecoach, Dog, StrifeCro, Kibler, Amaz, Reynad, Eloise

Arena: Kripparrian, Hafu, Ratsmah, ADWTCA, Merps

What is your favorite game which isn't Hearthstone?

World of Warcraft - I’ve played it for thousands of hours.  I used to guild and raid lead in vanilla World of Warcraft, with 40 man raids into Naxxramas!  I played as a Holy Priest.  In Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King I played as a Restoration Druid.  I returned briefly for Warlords of Draenor as a Mistweaver Monk.  Ultima Online holds a fond place in my heart too since it's where I began my entrepreneurship in gaming by selling virtual real estate.

Why'd you give a score rating of X to this anime?  What factors into anime scoring?
I follow a "5 is average" guideline.  I especially enjoy when characters (especially villains) have good motivation to be doing whatever they're doing - that their actions “make sense” (and of course dislike it when they don’t make sense).  I give anime which involve intelligent time travel or gaming themes a bonus because of personal likes.  I recommend any anime which I score 8 or higher, with a very strong recommendation on any anime that I’ve rated a 10.

How long have you played the piano for?
In total, about 10 years.  I've taken several Certificate of Merit piano tests and am "Advanced".  I stopped playing during high school and had a brief jazz piano course in college.


What are your computer specs and what equipment do you use?

Computer: HP Omen (I was provided the slightly earlier version, the 900-040VT)

Chair: Tempo Storm Secret Lab (Sponsored)

Microphone: Blue Yeti

Webcam: Logitech C922

Mouse: HP Omen Steelseries

Keyboard: Logitech G710+

Broadcasting Software: Open Broadcaster Software

Do you have anyone helping you with Youtube Videos?

I have a great talented editor named Jens working with me to release videos on YouTube.  

Why are you called Trump?

It’s a short and powerful name.  I was influenced by watching The Apprentice during my teenage years and enjoying The Donald as an entertainer (which I like more than him as a presidential candidate).  My intent was mainly to use the verb form: trump - v - to excel; surpass; outdo.

How long have you streamed and how long do you plan on streaming?
I first started streaming early 2010 on other platforms and moved onto (formerly known as December 2010.  Like I say in
my Paint My Life video, this is my dream job and I want to do it into my Grandpa Trump days.

What got you into streaming full time?
Ultima Online led me down this road.  In that game, I sold real estate for real money.  I dreamed that I might be able to make a living through gaming.  I intended to make this living through the business side but ended up finding that streaming provided the most value.

If you weren't streaming, what would you be doing?
I'd probably look for another way to make money through gaming - maybe by becoming a pro support at League of Legends, maybe by handling a megacorporation in Eve Online.  Now that I'm a bit established in the gaming world, I might look for a job at Blizzard, Twitch, or YouTube.

Why don’t you play Starcraft / League of Legends anymore?

I found myself outclassed in Starcraft - I didn’t have enough APM to compete (I had about 100 APM).  For League of Legends, the only role I was good at was support (reached Diamond 1 maining Sona) which was okay but I wasn’t satisfied enough with that performance.

Any advice to new streamers?
Yes, watch my
OPTICS Twitch 101 Video.  Condensed and practical form:

1) Love playing games and performing in front of an audience.  

2) Be one of the most skilled at the game AND/OR be one of the greatest entertainers around.


What are your Hearthstone (tournament) accomplishments?

Updated List Here!

What is your best Hearthstone related moment?
Gotta be the Hungry Crab.

What are Hearthstone World Championship Points and the road to BlizzCon?

This post from Blizzard explains the tournament structure, points system and general rules.

Why are you using X card instead of Y card?

I have probably considered Y card instead of X card, but I simply decided that X card was better - either because of the results of testing or because I am just testing it right now.  If you’re going to bring up this question, I am much more likely to respond in a deeper manner if there are specifics given such as: “Kolento is using Elemental Destruction in his Face Shaman deck instead of Flame Juggler, what are your thoughts on that?”

What do you think of (insert popular deck here) in the metagame? What is the strongest deck? Can my deck hit legend? What do you think of this deck?

Look at the resources above - ViciousSyndicate’s Data Reaper and Tempostorm’s Power Ranks - if they're high in the rankings then they're good, if they're lower then they're not as suitable. Your own creation can hit legend if it is competitive against the popular decks that people are playing. If you're running a major change from the above decklists or running your own brew, there should be a good reason why certain cards are replaced. If you’re convinced your choices over the established decklists have advantages, then try it! Go hit legend with it! For science!

There is always a strongest deck at any moment in time but it will keep changing.  The strongest deck is the one which has the best matchups against the particular variety and spread of decks that are being played at your level.  For those who don’t enjoy building their own deck, my advice on the strongest deck is simply "A deck you enjoy playing that is on these lists above."

Should I craft or disenchant this card? Should I buy Adventures? Packs? Which ones?

Classic packs have the most useful cards when starting out. However, for the most complete answer, see what sets the cards you need for your deck come from, and focus on getting those sets / that adventure / crafting that specific card.  If you're looking to craft cards, good cards tend to be those which are on the lists above. If you're looking to disenchant cards, disenchanting cards not on the lists above tends to be a good idea.

Should I arena?  How do I make gold?

You should play arena if you enjoy it. From an economic point of view, if you go 3 or more wins on average, it's a net positive over simply buying packs with your gold.  Speaking of gold, if you simply do the daily quests everyday with some minimal play, that’s getting about 50 gold everyday which adds up to 1500 gold per month.

How do I get better at the game?  How do I hit legend?

Play the game! Get more practice with the deck of your choice and gain more knowledge of opposing decks. It's important to be actively learning while playing. Keep questioning whether your play is best.  Look at streams/videos of top players who are also playing the same deck. Pause a lot, verbally say what your play would be, then unpause and see if they make the same play. If they don't, realize the advantages/disadvantages of their play over yours.

How do you deal with Ladder Anxiety?

Hearthstone is a game, ladder resets every month, just play and have fun!

Why aren’t you at X tournament?

I’m not much of a traveler since I dislike the time lost by being on an airplane.  

Why don't you use gold cards?

I want all the cards to be gold if I'm to use gold cards for uniformity of card look.  As I don’t value the cosmetics of gold cards that much, I have not made a push to get an all golden deck.

What are good starter decks?

C’Thun Druid, Warlock Zoo, Midrange Shaman, and Pirate Warrior are good decks which have simple plans, are low cost, and will get you started on mastering the basics of the game.

Do you coach? Can we play? Can I add you as a friend?

Due to time limitations, I do not coach and do not do private games. I would love to add everyone; however, due to broadcasting I believe in keeping my friends list small and quiet.

I faced off against Trump. Did we play?

Names aren't unique on There are many Trumps out there with different Battletags. You can check recorded videos to see if you did play me.

How many games do you play before you decide whether or not a deck is good?

I think 100 games is a small but starting-to-be-acceptable sample size. There is variance in the game and it is possible to lose 5 straight games and for the deck to still be good.  I stick to playing decks for science, but I might stop playing the deck at certain records, such as:

At 5 games: 0-5

At 10 games: 3-7

At 20 games: 7-13

At 50 games: 25-25

At 100 games: 52-48

It’s important to emphasize that even at 100 games played it’s not that telling of a deck’s capabilities.  The good news is with a site such as ViciousSyndicate’s Data Reaper Report, many games are aggregated to get a much better idea of a deck’s win rate against many decks.