2017 Daily Match Schedules and Results

Weekday matches 4pm, 5:30pm, or 6:30pm start, depending on player availability.

Weekend matches: Singles mornings 8am-2/3/4pm, Doubles afternoons 2/3/4pm-dusk.








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Tournament Draws and Results

Men’s Open Singles Qualifying - 32 Player Compass Draw

USTA-Sanctioned Men’s Open Singles Main Draw (16 advancing qualifiers plus 8 players seeded directly into Main Draw)

Women’s Open Singles Qualifying

USTA-Sanctioned Women’s Open Singles Main Draw

Men’s Masters Singles (50+) - starts play Saturday, July 15, 8am.

Women’s Master Singles (50+)

Men’s Open Doubles - starts play not earlier than Saturday, July 15, in the afternoon.

Women’s Open Doubles - starts play not earlier than Sunday, July 16, in the afternoon.

Mixed Open Doubles - starts play not earlier than Sunday, July 16, in the afternoon.


OPEN REGISTRATION FORM is available HERE.  (Alternate link at http://clayfricktennis.org/sullivan/signup)

Note: Sullivan dates for 2017 are July 9-23, 2017.

Please confirm your entry by clicking on the list of registered players. For inquires about the tournament, please email Jose Mieres at redclayfrick@gmail.com.

We are asking players to fill out our July 10-23, 2017 ONLINE AVAILABILITY POLL to help us schedule your matches.  Please enter ALL the days and times you are available to play on the poll. We may not be able to grant every avoidance request, but we will make every effort to schedule your matches based you your availability.

Tournament payment ($10 singles, $15 doubles) made be made by:

You might also consider making a donation or joining FPCCTC to support the ongoing revitalization and improvements to the historic Frick Park Clay Courts. Find us at the Tournament Desk. Thanks! You are very Welcome!"

All registrations are listed on registered players page.


All Open singles and doubles matches thru the quarterfinals are best two of three tiebreak sets with regular scoring (weather permitting). All Open semi and final matches are best two of three sets; first two sets are tiebreak sets,  and the third set to completion (weather permitting). All Masters (50+) matches are best two of three tiebreak sets with regular scoring (weather permitting).

USTA-Sanctioned Main Draw

The Men's Open Singles Main Draw of 32 and the Women's Open Singles Main Draw of 16 are each USTA-Sanctioned by Middle States for District Ranking. As in last year, the top ranked 8 Men's Open Singles applicants and top 4 Women's Open Singles applicants are entered directly into the USTA-Sanctioned Main Draws, both of which begin play on the second week of the tournament. Men's Open Qualifying Singles and Women's Open Qualifying Singles players do *not* have to be USTA members to participate in the tournament, but *if* you make it to the Main Draw *and* you are not (yet!) a USTA member, FPCCTC will help sponsor your new USTA membership. NICE!


The tournament is open to all amateur players in the Western Pennsylvania area 16 years of age and older. Players 50 years old or above can play either in the Open or the Master Singles event, but not both. The City does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, place of birth, sex, sexual orientation, familial status, age (40 and over), or non-disqualifying physical or mental disability, or on any other basis protected by federal, state or local law. All players agree to sign a waiver of claims form before playing their first match. All players agree to abide by tournament rules as specified by tournament officials. All match schedules are weather permitting. Proceeds of this tournament are solely for the benefit of the Frick Park Clay Courts.


2016 Trophies designed and made

by Corey Escoto



2016 Tournament Photo Album 

from Kambiz Doonboli

2017 Tournament Volunteers and Staff

Pittsburgh Parks and Recreation:

Jim Griffin (Director)

Citiparks Tennis and Tournament Director:

José Mieres

Assistant Tournament Director:

Stephen Hirtle        

Tournament Desk:

Ken Kornick

Court Photography:

Kambiz Doonboli

Clay Courts:

Frick Park Clay Court Tennis Club Volunteers

Tournament Ball:

Babolat Roland Garros

Clay Court Maintenance Equipment: Gamma Sports Pittsburgh