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T3 Week 4

11 August 2014

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Dear parents/caregivers, friends & whānau of Room 1,

Room 1 have been really working hard at managing themselves, their gear and their time in class. They have done a great job of keeping their class neat and tidy and the floor clear of clothes, pencils and paper.

As we move into the personal research time of our explanation writing about Space, they are charged with the responsibility of managing their time and ensuring that they meet checkpoints and milestones. The challenge is to stay on their research path and not be distracted by “flash” stuff. This is especially so when using the internet.

To assist them in this I have set up 2 pages on our class webpage. I invite you to view these pages and look at them with your child at home so you can see the quality of information that the internet provides. The 3D animations, interactives and scientific information is stunning. It is up-to-date (e.g the Rosetta project) and provides relevant, authoritative information that they can use confidently.

Rm1 Learning Links webpage: links to websites we use regularly

Rm1 webpage Inquiry Learning: webpages specifically about Space. There is a challenge on this page about the Rosetta Project -are you up for it?

While you are there take a tour of the rest of the website. A reminder that your child’s spelling list for the week is on Spelling City. Let me know what you think about it.

Spotlight on Learning:

Awards: Week 3

Kind Certificate :Joe-Dee -being the learning KIND &  showing persistence and attention in all that she does

Mathlete of the Week: Melea, 4090 pts

Student of the Week: Cullum - for showing persistence in his learning

Ka mau te wehi!


This week the class brainstormed their knowledge and questions they have about space and in particular their topic for personal research.

To do this they used a Google Doc. They made a bullet point list, then using an “add on” called “Mind Meister” they turned this list into a mindmap with a couple of clicks of the mouse. Below is an example of a mindmap by Melea.

 Well done to Room 1 on learning this digital skill that displays your thinking in an engaging, visual way.

Yours in learning

Cheryl Torrie & Sherryl Gomm

Room 1 Teachers

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