The EagleBots

FIRST FRC - 2838

Barat Academy High School

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Team Summary

Founded in 2009 by a group of Barat Academy students and parents, FIRST FRC team 2838 works to enrich its members’ STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) knowledge. The name EagleBots comes from Barat Academy’s mascot, the eagle. The eagle represents strength, spirit, potential, and truth. These perfectly represent our team and what we do!

Our team operates as a part of the FIRST Robotics Competition. FIRST (For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is an organization with a goal to promote modern scientific and technological mindsets within the younger generation through challenging and exhilarating competition. Our team epitomizes this goal! Members of the EagleBots get to work with experts in STEM fields to design, create, program, and operate a robot weighing more than one-hundred pounds. There are also opportunities to design the robot through CAD programs, create business plans and work to increase team outreach through different mediums. Our team is designed to include anyone who is interested!

As of January 2017, our team consists of nineteen dedicated Barat Academy and Fulton School students, four mentors from local businesses and family connections, two Barat Academy teachers and the support of all of our administrators. These supporters and members are all working to build life skills while instilling a sense of teamwork, community, and personal growth.

SWOT Analysis

Team Impact

What we need to complete this:

Quote from Alumni

Nicolette says, “FIRST Robotics and my experiences with the EagleBots have made me extremely interested in technology.  I am working on a Computer Sciences degree from UMSL because of the passion sparked from my involvement with FIRST and the team.”

Team Budget

Budget to compete at one regional event and incrementally enhance team capabilities

Local Regional Total Costs

$ 20,120

Registration for a regional competition, includes Kit of Parts and FIRST team support


Additional parts, tools and shop materials


Practice field components:


Robot Drive System and Manipulators


Robot frame and structural components


Robot Electronics and Sensors


Computer learning materials


T-shirts, trinkets & marketing materials


Post-season events


Backup driver station


Second Programming Computer


Second Computer Aided Design Computer


3D printer for unique part manufacturing


Opportunities for Support (Sponsor Benefit)

Level of Support

Sponsor Benefit

Naming Sponsor


  • Company name included in the title of our team
  • Company acknowledged during competition alliance selections
  • Company logo displayed on all team publications and materials
  • Large company logo on robot
  • Large company logo on team t-shirt
  • Large company logo on team banner displayed at competitions
  • Large banner and link on sponsorship page and company logo on the front page of our website


Platinum Sponsor


  • Small company logo on robot
  • Medium-sized company logo on team t-shirt
  • Small logo on team banner displayed at competitions
  • Medium-sized banner and link on sponsorship page of our website

Gold Sponsor


  • Name of business included on team t-shirt
  • Name of business printed on our team banner displayed at competitions
  • Logo and link on our sponsorship page of our website

Silver Sponsor


  • Name included on team t-shirt in small font
  • Name included on sponsorship page of our website

Bronze Sponsor


  • Name on sponsorship page of our website

Available to All Sponsors: Members of the team will give a complimentary presentation providing more information and an interactive demonstration of our robots. All sponsors of $200+ receive two free team t-shirts and buttons.

Additional Support Opportunities

Contact Information

Main Contacts:

Ms. Christina Henning

Faculty Representative


Mr. Michael Lucido

Lead Mentor

Sponsorship Information:

Checks should be made out to Michael Lucido.

Donations are tax deductible. A receipt will be sent for your records. Barat Academy is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

Mailing Address:

Barat Academy

℅ Christina Henning

17815 Wild Horse Creek Road

Chesterfield, Mo 63005

Please see our enclosed team pictures!