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Job Description



Preside at all meetings of the Board and FYBA;

Serve as the Chief Executive Officer of FYBA;

Represent FYBA at any meetings of other organizations, including the City of Faribault;

Create monthly meeting agendas; send them to the board members two weeks before each meeting.

Perform such other duties as are normally associated with the Office of President.

3 years

Vice President

Perform such duties as may be assigned by the President;

Otherwise assist the President in the performance of his/her duties;

Preside or represent FYBA at any meetings in the absence of the President;

Write MBL rule amendments- add to the coaches handbook;

Attend MBL Travel Director Meeting;

Communicate and attend MBL Coaches Meeting;

Communicate and attend MBL coaches scheduling meeting and support FYBA coaches;

Be responsible for registering teams with MBL and any additional coordination with the MBL organization.

3 years

Player Agent

Supervise the annual registration of all players, tryout sessions and distribution of players among FYBA teams;

Assist the Division Coordinators with the  assigning of players among FYBA teams;

Represent any players and/or parents in disputes with coaches or other FYBA officials;

Be accessible to players and parents to answer questions and provide information.

3 years

Public Relations Coordinator

Communicate events with Faribault residents;

Maintain social media outlets.

Fundraising Coordinator

Contact potential new sponsors for FYBA;

Coordinate and communicate fundraising events;

Distribute fundraising materials;

Maintain records of sponsor’s name, address, phone numbers, etc.;

Keep track of sponsor logos, uniform colors, teams or divisions they sponsored and any other special needs.

Field Coordinator

Attend all required city meetings and work to obtain fields as directed by the Board;

Work with the City of Faribault to obtain any required lighting for all FYBA games;

Arrange for the field preparation for all FYBA games.

Arrange for Portable Restrooms to be delivered to necessary ballparks.

The Uniform Coordinator shall:

Coordinate the ordering of uniforms from the uniform vendor as directed by the Board;

Work with the teams and the uniform vendor to correct uniform problems;

The Umpire Coordinator shall:

Obtain suitable umpires for FYBA as directed by the Board;

Schedule and hold training sessions for the umpires;

Assign umpires for all FYBA games;

Arrange for paychecks to the umpires;

Consider all complaints relative to umpires and make suitable recommendations to the Board.