The Two Gentlemen of Verona Evaluation


                                                    Ms. Chiller

                                                    English 12


This play “The Two Gentlemen of Verona” deals with two gentlemen that are really good friends, “Proteus and Valentine”. They have been best friends for a long time and their friendship gets messed up by a girl whom they both want. This play is not one of Shakespeare’s best plays because it does not capture my attention very well. It would be better if I was able to understand it better, therefore I feel this play should not be taught in schools because a lot of the students in my class had troubles understanding the language.

Understanding a play plays a major role for the audience. The whole reason that plays and poems are in schools are meant to teach students how to get a better idea on how to understand certain things that are difficult to understand. If a play is not easily understood, then how do you expect the students to know what is going on and be able to do the work that they were assigned? This goes along with anything in life, if we cannot understand it then nothing is going to get accomplished. So that is why schools focus on teaching students to understand plays and poem because we can use that understanding later on in our life with things like loans, and taxes that have a difficult language to understand. In this play I couldn’t get a good understanding, so i do not think that this play would be a good play to teach in schools, unless they figure out a way for students to understand it.

Plays usually have a lesson to teach that lays within the lines. It all depends on whether you can understand the play to get what the lesson is that the writer is trying to teach you. Throughout life there are many lessons to be taught and learned. Plays are a good way for students to learn how to identify when there is a lesson to be taught by listening to the language. Students can use this knowledge in real life situations to figure out whether or not a person is deceiving them by looking out for changes in language and motions. In some plays  lessons are difficult to identify what they are trying to teach you, and if you cannot comprehend what the lesson is then what is the point for the play to be taught? In the Two Gentlemen of Verona the lesson is pretty easy to get what they are trying to teach us. Never let someone get in between you and your best friend because your friend has always been there for you and has had your back. If you just go and throw that away for some girl or guy, that relationship might not last like you thought it would then you will be left without a girlfriend/boyfriend, and no best friend.

The communication and language is probably one of the more important parts when teaching plays. We read plays in school to  learn how to understand hard languages. Knowing how to understand and distinguish other languages are hard for us to understand, but it can better our own language. We can more easily decipher certain things like getting a joke that someone told you that maybe doesn’t know how to speak english very well, or by knowing how to write a better story by using stronger/different language. When people are communicating, sometimes one person says something but doesn’t mean what they said, or the other person takes what you said the wrong way. That is why it is important to learn how to communicate by using this or that kind of language so we can understand it or know how to use it correctly. In the play, Proteus says things to Julia like he will come back for her but he really wasn’t planning on coming back to her, or that he loves her when he doesn’t. In this play the communication is kinda hard to know whether that person means what they are saying or not.

Plays or poems are good to keep in school, they help with our language and communication skills with certain situations in life. They have good lessons to teach and make us understand things in a different way or think in a way we haven’t thought before. This play “The Two Gentlemen of Verona”, in my opinion wouldn’t be one of the plays that I would choose to teach in school to students, mostly because the majority of the students in my school didn’t enjoy reading the play, and it’s language is too strong to get the concept.