Antioch Church Prayer Requests:  March 16, 2018

  1. Please pray for Richard Galloway.  3/16/2018
  2. Please pray Susie and Randy Bitner’s family with the passing of her brother.  3/16/2018
  3. Please pray for Roger Estep who has had heart test this week.  3/16/2018
  4. Please pray for Cynthia Tester, a prospect, who had stynts in heart recently.3/12/2018
  5. Rosie Jenkins requests prayer for her friend Patricia Roark as her daughter Kimberly of 33 years passed away last week.  3/11/2018
  6. Please pray for Debbie Stitt who had a knee replacement surgery and is at home recovering.  3/16/2018
  7. Please pray for Michelle Bailey and her four children that are moving into our neighborhood this week.  They all need to be saved.  3/8/2018
  8. Please pray for Mark Ponder who will be having foot surgery on Apriul 2.  3/8/2018
  9. Please pray for Debbie Brogden’s family and Jim after her going to heaven last week.   3/142018
  10. Please pray for Retired Gen. Gary Harrell who will have the first of two surgeries on his leg tomorrow (March 8) in Missouri; He is hoping these will give him some relief from pain associated with several injuries incurred in active service.  03/7/2018
  11. Debbie Stitt requests prayer for Kingston Baker, 5 yrs old, who is at St. Jude with a diagnoses of leukemia.  3/4/2018
  12. Prayer requests for Tim Cohran, Beckhem, and Layla who lost their home in a fire on October 4, 2017.  The insurance company has denied their claim; attorney costs are too expensive to fight their ruling.  Please pray that Tim can now find a place that the family can call home.  3/5/2018
  13. Karen Longwell requests prayer as she seeks to find a job.  2/27/2018
  14. David Keys requests prayer for his son, Marty, who has had a recurrence of Cellulitis. Marty is very discouraged.  2/14/2018
  15. Stephen Clabough requests prayer for him, his family to be reunited with their children.  2/4/2018
  16. Patricia Galloway requests prayer for Rich’s continued participation in theraphy at the VA.  2/4/2018
  17. Sara Bottomley and friend Chloe are looking for a new place to live because their current living place is up for sale.  Praying for contentment in the selection process.  01/28/2018
  18. Pray for the Tri-Cities Celebration with Will Graham  April 27-29,  2018. Pray for unity of churches and openness of the lost. 01/02/2018
  19. Jerry and Debby Lucas requests prayer for their daughter in law, Lisa, as she undergoes cancer treatment (updated). 01/22/2018

Long Term Prayer Needs 

Dale and Linda Browning                                                Karen Perrenot (Lori Tackett’s sister)

Bill Stevens lives at home.                                                Mary Dykes lives at The Waters of Johnson City                            J.B. Becky and Justin Fine salvation                                        

Scott Bradford (Regina Harrell’s dad)                                        Bill Buchanan (Lori Tackett’s uncle)                                        

Sidney Guerin (Jeannette Cohran’s brother)                                 Tim Cohran’s family house fire settlement

Rusty Wishon - In treatment for liver cancer                                Ron Swick - liver failure but he is doing better

Kim Church - Chronic rheumatoid arthritis                                Steve Haney - Recovery from grief

Danny, Debby for Matthew Clark                                                Brian Bowles - Mark’s brotherl:  #19980039632, Roanoke City

Lee Bennett (Peggy’s husband with dementia)                                Jail, 3735 Franklin Rd, SW #275, Roanake, VA   240014-2260

Judy Fox - battling cancer.                                                Pray for our President, Vice President and Congress

Pray for Revival in East Tennessee                                        Roy Garvin’s friend, Mike, who is lost.

Our Missionaries

Alan & Tina Lyle, Campus Crusade for Christ, Orlando, FL                        

Sara Bottomley, Campus Crusade for Christ, ETSU, Johnson City                  

Mimi & Nikki Pirvu, and Lilly Romania

In the Military

Melissa Ogle Folsom, Army, Ft. Polk, LA; her husband, Raymond Folsom, Army Chaplain, Ft. Polk, LA, Matt Houston, deployed to Afganistan, KY  (Danny & Debby Clark’s son), Jared Lyons, Air Force, Ramstein, Germany (Lisa Shoun Lyons’ son),  RJ Harrell, Air Force (Louise Harrell’s Grandson), Bailey Kay Jimeenez (niece of Kent and Tiffany Hjerpe), USMC, and Matt Tucker deployed to Afganistan.