Antioch Church Prayer Requests:  September 20, 2017

  1. Corey and Lilleonna Dykes ask for prayer for her pregnancy; for his mom’s and dad’s health; and for continued success in his job.
  2. Pray for Perry Whitaker who had three cancerous melanoma spots removed today. Pray specifically it has not spread to lymph nodes or other organs. 9/11/2017
  3. Pray for Elaine Cantrell who is planning to be baptized Sunday. She is 89 and has lots of medical issues but really wants to do this. 9/18/2017
  4. Michael Miller, a first time guest from Sunday, asks us to pray for his children and family. 9/18/2017
  5. Rylee Oakes, a first time guest from Sunday, asks for prayer that her desire to know God would grow deeper. 9/18/2017
  6. Danica Keele, a first time guest from Sunday, asks us to pray she can find a church home that will let her grow and keep her accountable. 9/18/2017
  7. Neisha Carver asks us to pray for her as she is scheduled for a breast cancer lumpectomy on 9/27. Pray for clear nodes. 9/11/2017
  8. Lane Hughes asks us to pray for success at his job and that he would become a better husband, father, and Christian. 9/18/2017
  9. Taylor Blair asks us to pray for her sense of worth as she navigates getting a job so she can work toward paying off her school debt. 9/18/2017
  10. Sarah Tackett asks us to pray for her first week of exams since returning to college. 9/18/2017
  11. Pray for Pam Bailey and Teresa Miller and their entire family as they say goodbyes to their dad at a memorial service Thursday night. 9/18/2017
  12. Pastor Jaime Velasco asks us to pray for his church (Casa De Resureccion) as thy prepare for a large ethnic outreach on September 30.
  13. Continue to pray for Bobby Harrell as he recuperates at home from a recent infection. 9/13/2017
  14. Pray for Doloris Holley. She is at JCMC in terrible pain in her back. They are unsure if it is related to her cancer. 9/13/2017
  15. Continue to pray for Debbie Brogdon and Jim as she lives with stage 4 cancer. Her specific prayer is that she have good days to spend with her kids and grandkids and wisdom to know what treatment to utilize. 9/11/2017
  16. Continue to pray for J. Walter Brown and for his parents as they attempt to wean him from the CPAP machine so he can go home with them.. 9/18/2017
  17. Jewell Collins asks us to pray for Fred as the continued testing of his cancer is not producing any good news toward treatment options. They are still awaiting some results. 9/11/2017
  18. Debbie Wards asks us to pray for the salvation of her sister and daughter and for the health of her dad, Lee Bennett. 9/11/2017
  19. Please pray for Judy Fox as she fights to win the battle with cancer.  9/4/2017
  20. Pray for Wanda Garland as she recuperates from recent surgery. 9/18/2017
  21. Pray for Bobby Harrell who is home recovering from an infection.  9/3//2017
  22. Lane Hughes requests prayer for getting his confidence back and for his job situation.  8/27/201
  23. Angela Thompson requests prayer for her daughter, Carla and husband Daniel and their children as they go to Japan to be missionaries.  Pray for safety, health and that their ministry will see many people come to salvation thru their ministry.  8/20/2017
  24. Sarah Bottomley requests prayer for the financial needs of Adoration, 2017, and for 1000 church reps to participate. 9/11/2017
  25. Jeannette Cohran requests prayer for her son, Tim Cohran, that his house fire insurance claim will be settled soon and that God’s hand will help with this outcome.  06/21/2017

Long Term Prayer Needs 

Dale and Linda Browning                                                        Karen Perrenot (Lori Tackett’s sister)

Bill Stevens                                                                Mary Dykes lives at The Waters of Johnson City.

Joe and Lois Lilley (Joe is at Center On Aging in Erwin)                        Ray Reed (Bobby Reed’s brother)                

Scott and Wilma Bradford (Regina Harrell’s parents)                        Bill Buchanan (Lori Tackett’s uncle)                                        

Sidney Guerin (Jeannette Cohran’s brother)                                 Beulah Garlitz lives at Cornerstone Health Care

Rusty Wishon - In treatment for liver cancer                                Ron Swick - liver failure but he is doing better

Kim Church - Chronic rheumatoid arthritis                                Steve Haney - Recovery from grief

Danny, Debby, Matthew Clark - Matthew’s addiction                        Brian Bowles - Mark’s brother in jail

Lee Bennett (Peggy’s husband with dementia)                                Keith Ponder - battling cancer and spiritual condition

Judy Fox - battling cancer.

Our Missionaries

Alan & Tina Lyle, Campus Crusade for Christ, Orlando, FL                        

Sara Bottomley, Campus Crusade for Christ, ETSU, Johnson City                  

Jane Taylor, Penuel Ministries, OH/Kenya

Mimi & Nikki Pirvu, and Lilly Romania

In the Military

Melissa Ogle Folsom, Army, Ft. Polk, LA; her husband, Raymond Folsom, Army Chaplain, Ft. Polk, LA, Matt Houston, Army, Ft. Campbell, KY  (Danny & Debby Clark’s son), Jared Lyons, Air Force, Ramstein, Germany (Lisa Shoun Lyons’ son),  RJ Harrell, Air Force (Louise Harrell’s Grandson)