Financial Sacrifice

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What does Holy Quran say about financial sacrifice?

Q) What did Holy Prophet SAWS say about financial sacrifice?

Q) What did Promised Messiah AS say about financial sacrifice?

Promised Messiah AS write:


Q) Why does Jamaat collect chanda?

Q) How do we approach new converts about the necessity of financial sacrifice?

The new converts should be made aware of the financial sacrifice at the earliest.

Promised Messiah AS writes:

Q) What is the duty of a Finance Secretary?

A finance secretary should:

  1. encourage all members (male and female) to sacrifice financially
  2. reach out to all members (male and female) who are behind through various means (e.g. missionary, family friends, letters, phone calls, friday sermons, etc.)
  3. make a team to collect chanda and give out receipts
  4. ensure that all records are kept and audited
  5. ensure all expenses are budgeted, documented, and audited

Q) How frequently should a member pay chanda?

It should be monthly. This is supported by various excerpts of Promised Messiah AS and various Khulafa. Jamaat’s work does not stop, it is on going year round, so donations are needed regularly. If someone feels it is inconvenient to pay every month, then pay it in advance.

Q) What should a finance secretary do about those who do not declare their real income?

Q) What should a member do who cannot pay chanda according to prescribed rate?

Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV (RA) says in Friday sermon of Sep 10, 1982:

Q) Should women pay chanda too?

Q) Why should members pay chanda according to a prescribed rate? Why cant they just pay whatever they like?

Promised Messiah AS says:

Q) How do Jamaats prepare budgets for obligatory donations?

Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V said: "Budget should be prepared at grassroots level; not that one just sits at home and prepares it."

Hazur-e-Anwe said: "Chanda/donation should be according to one's income. Anyone who does not show his income, he should be asked to give in writing that he can afford to pay only that much chanda, and is unable to pay more than that." Hazur-e-Anwer said: "Do not pester anyone, and do not put so much  pressure that he may end up telling a lie."

(Daily Alfazal, October 24, 2014)

If someone does not pay Chanda at all or according to the prescribed rate or does not provide the true budget then it does not change the fact or truth that he/she earns less or does not earn at all. So presidents should provide true actual or assessed budget properly documenting everything.

If local presidents are concerned that at the end of the year they won't be able to meet the budget they should know that truth must prevail no matter what and secondly the problem is not just local. If u r worried about your numbers for one chapter think about how much more challenging we r making it at the centre by asking 70+ chapters to report true budgets, because by doing that, our efforts for meeting the budgets would have to be doubled.