Motherwell AC Committee - Senior Endurance Report February 2017

There are just 4 items for this month’s meeting – January Time Trial, Scottish Veteran Harriers Road Relay at Strathclyde Park, and the January Senior Endurance Sub-Committee Meeting.

  1. January Time Trial
  1. The January Time Trial Handicap Race had a record turnout of 42 runners.  This is the highest turnout since the monthly race began in October 2004. The race was won by Ewen Cameron (Men) and Susan Stewart (Women) and the Wooden Spoon was picked up by Mark Paterson.
  1. We had an excellent turnout of 20 athletes at the SVHC Road Relays at Strathclyde Park.  Our men’s team were narrowly beaten for the bronze medal in fantastic finish from new member David Gardiner.  Results below:




Allan Cameron




Stephen Allen




Alan Tait




David Gardiner




Mark Gallacher




Jim White




Robert Pattison




Brian McLinden

- -



Thomas Sneddon




John Hughes




Nigel Hetherington









Tracey Lamont




Gillian McCaffer




Phyllis Hands




Mae McIsaac




Elaine Jamieson




Barbara Hogg




Patricia Allen




Louise Speirs




Angela Malcolm

  1. Senior Endurance Sub-Committee Minute 21 January 2017

Senior Endurance Sub-Committee Meeting 21 January 2017

  1. Welcome and apologies
  1. Present: Joe Hoolaghan, Nick Hughes, Benny Hands, Phyllis Hands, Elaine Jamieson, Mae McIsaac, John  Burns, Kevin Durnian, and Jim White
  2. Apologies: Tommy Sneddon

1a. Matters arising from the December meeting

  1. Guest Runs on today’s agenda
  2. BBQ to be looked at nearer the summer
  3. Bus proposal approved by the main committee
  4. Food Bank trial approved
  5. Clare Barr provided Joe with West District Championship Races – Tom Scott, 10 Miles, Kilmarnock 10K and Monklands Half Marathons.

  1. The 3K Track Championship format – the group agreed that we continue with the current format for a further year (scratch and age graded race) and asked that trophies (rather than medals) be awarded to the winners of the age graded race.
  1. Joe to speak to Peter (or whoever does the trophies) about the age graded trophies.

  1. Leagues format

(i) Joe and Nick covered the leagues process and agreed to distribute first pass of the leagues by the middle of February.  Membership by the 4th of March at the very latest is a requirement – Joe to ask Mark to put out a reminder

(ii) Jim Tracey has requested that the sub-committee reconsider the decision to promote League Winners and continue to do the split based on the agreed process. It does not discount a winner being promoted but ensures the leagues are based on a fair split in line with the criteria.

(iii) After a lengthy debate where consensus could not be reached the group decided to  have another vote on the original proposal and voted 7 to 3 in favour of introducing automatic promotion for a trial during the 2017 season.

  1. Guest Runs update
  1. Kevin suggested 12 March in Airdrie starting at Airdrie Sports Centre and heading out towards the lochs.  The group agreed and Kevin is to see Mark about advertising the run.
  2. Three more runs are on the agenda for the year – Stirling University, Cathkin Braes and Ayrshire.  We can consider them later.


  1. Dogs at training
  1. Phyllis raised the point about dogs getting in the way of runners at interval sessions.
  2. The group could not see a solution where dogs could participate when it was an interval session.
  3. For the last 10 years or more a few members have brought their dogs to training and in the main the group was happy for this to continue,
  4. However, for the Health and Safety of our athletes it was agreed that it is not appropriate for dogs come along to interval sessions.
  5. If dogs are brought to training, they must be kept under proper control by their owner and not allowed to interfere with other runners.
  1. Welcome pack for Senior Endurance members
  1. We had a brief discussion about Clare Barr’s draft welcome pack. Joe
  2. Joe changed the references about Road Runners to Senior Endurance Section to keep in line with the new branding of the section.  
  3. Joe and Jim White thought it was a pretty good document.
  4. The group agreed that Joe should get about 25 copies and claim the cost back (max of £10).  We should give the document a try and handed to folk who come to training for the first time.  
  5. We can take feedback from new starts and see if it something we should continue.
  6. Joe agreed to speak to John Hughes about incorporating the document into the welcoming process.

  1. 2017 CHAMPIONSHIP RACES – agreed list set out below



Approx Price


5 March

Down by the River 10K


Confirmed Race

2 April

Tom Scott 10 Miles


Confirmed Race

14 May

Monklands 5K


Confirmed Race

16 June


Brian Goodwin 10K


Confirmed Race

11 July

To be confirmed  

15K Moffat Hill Race

£12 approx

Date to be confirmed but it is always the 2nd Tuesday in July

23 July

Strathclyde Parkrun 5K


Confirmed Race

12 August

Linwood Parkrun 5K


Confirmed Race

10 September

Stirling 10K Scottish Championship


Scottish Championship possible clash with club championship.  Joe to speak to Ewen Cameron.

24 September

To be confirmed

Dumfries Half Marathon

£20 (in 2016)

Date is always this weekend in September

8. The group agreed to communicate by email and social media if there is any additional work required around the race schedule.                                      

  1. We had 5 men and 1 woman running at the Scottish Masters on Saturday 28 January.  Highest finisher was Allan Cameron who took 16th place in 29:17. Well done to all of our athletes who competed. The results follow.

Men (8,000 metres)

16 Allan Cameron (M40) 29:17

39 Stephen Allen (M45) 30:14

46 Mark Hand (M40) 30:33

153 Jim White (M40) 34:06

194 Robert Pattinson (M45) 35:19

Women (6,000 metres)

79 Phyllis Hands (W60) 32:18

Joe Hoolaghan

29 January 2017