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Staff/Students Connecting an Android Device to the SJPS wireless network

FYI: If you DO NOT have a password or pin set on your device or if you have a pattern set up on your device, you will be asked to set up a password or pin.  If you do not set a password or pin on your device, you will not be able to access the SJPS network.

If your device auto connects to SJPS SSID network Go to Step 1.  If your device has never connected to SJPS SSID network skip to step 2.

  1. Go into your Wi-Fi settings, turn on your Wi-Fi and forget the SJPS SSID network.  Tap on the SJPS SSID network and tap on the Forget option.  Some devices you have to Press and hold on the SJPS SSID network.  

Screenshot_2015-08-18-13-23-41[1].png  Screenshot_2015-08-18-13-23-55.png

  1. On your Android Device, go to your Wireless (Wi-Fi) settings and make sure it is turned on.  Tap on SJPS from the Network list

  1. scroll to the Identity area and put your Novell User and then enter your Novell Password in the Password line.  Tap on the Connect option.  Wait until your device says that it is connected to SJPS


  1. Close your Settings Window and open a browser.  If your browser doesn’t automatically redirect you to the page below, go to www.sjredwings.org and it will re-direct you.  

Enter your Novell User and Password and Tap the Log in button  

  1. Tap Install QuickConnect

  1. You will be redirected to the Google Play Store to download/Install the QuickConnect App.  Tap the Install button

  1. Tap the Accept button.

  1. When the App is done installing, you will see the screen below.  Hit the back button on your device until you get back to the browser

  1. Tap Install Network Profile

  1. The below screen will appear.

  1. This screen will appear.  Tap the OK button

  1. You have successfully onboarded your device.  As long as your Wi-Fi is turned on, your device will automatically connect to SJPS SSID network and will use St. Johns Public School’s secure wireless network instead of your cell phone data plan.  

**St. Johns Public School does block specific websites (facebook, twitter) for students so you will not be able to access these apps or websites if you are a student and are connected to SJPS.