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Cost: $5        Limit: 10 students         

With summer rolling around your kids might be spending more time online. Make sure they know how to protect themselves from cyberbullying. Make sure the are aware of how to be good digital citizens. This one week course  is perfect for students grades 5-12. The course allows students to work at their own pace, and has a bonus live session! (June 1-7)

5 Paragraph Essay Workshop

Cost: $25        Limit: 10 students         

Did your student struggle with writing this year? Did they dread essay writing? Maybe they just need a bit of practice? Whatever your reason, this three week course is designed to get down to the nitty-gritty of the essay writing process--from formulating your ideas to editing your finally draft. Students from grades 6-10 will have the opportunity to practice their writing. While students can work at their own pace, the workshop includes three bonus live lessons. (June 11-July 1)


Research citation 101

Cost: $5        Limit: 10 students         

Are your students going to be writing essays this year that require research? Is there a history class, challenging English Language class, or college entrance essays on the horizon? What better way is there to give them a boost, or a bit of practice, than with this one week, work-at-your-own-pace course? It’s ideal for students in grades 7-10. Since the size is kept small, they can look forward to helpful feedback. (July 3-9)students.jpg

Intro to Financial Literacy

Cost: $25                Limit: 10 students         

How many times have you told your kids that money doesn’t grow on trees? That they don’t understand the value of a dollar? Or many you have one of the rare kids who is interested in earning or saving money? Set them on the path towards future success by introducing them to key ideas related to personal finance. This three week-course will help students in grades 9-12 define their needs versus their want, understand the banking system, and learn a bit about saving money, interest rates, and ways to avoid wasting money. This course allows students to work at their own pace and encourage them to personalize lessons. As a bonus two live lessons are included! (July 12-Aug 1)

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