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Ambulance Services:  112
Police Services:  119        


Education and Employment

  1. Kulba Sabz Association (KSA)
    Offers training in Embroidery and Literacy for Women
    Address: Charbagh Village, Sar-e-Pul
    Tel: +93(0) 799378863        
  2. Ali Sina Social Association (ASSA)        
    Offers capacity building for Women and Public Health Awareness for mothers, Children and Infants.
    Address: Arab Khana, City Center, Sar-e-Pul
    Tel: +93(0) 7989084480


  1. Afghan Women and Children Charity Association
    Offers Training Courses for women and children
    Address: St. #4 Hospital, District 2, Taliqan, Takhar
    Tel: +93(0) 700241886, 787703101


  1. Panjshir Womenâ’s Association (PWA)
    Offers assistance for the welfare of women and helps women with problem solving and seeking justice.
    Tel: +93(0) 707090184
  2. Panjshir Valley Social Organization (PVSO)
    Offers Capacity Building for Women and works in the fields of gender equality and social
    Address: Jangalak Village, Panshir
    Tel: +93(0) 707956566
  3. Ahmad Aba Womenâ’s Association (AWE)
    Provides Education for Women and offers legal assistance
    Address: Ahmad Aba District, Paktia
    Tel: +93(0) 786902989


  1. Justice and Civil Society Support Organization (JCSSO)
    Provides Social Services, Health and Education for women.
    Geographic coverage: Daikundi
    Address: Zargran Village, Bamyan
    Tel: +93(0) 786304970
  2. Justice and Civil Society Support Organization (JCSSO)
    Provides Social Services, Health and Education
    Address: Zargran Village, Bamyan
    Tel: +93(0) 786304970
  3. Afghanistan Women and Children Partner (AWCP)
    Provides Social Services for women.
    Address: Near to Kabul Bank, Bazar-e-Bamyan, Bamyan
    Tel: +93(0) 778033851


  1. Social and Cultural Gathering of Shugufa Ladies (SCGSL)
    Offers assistance for the improvement of the status of women, spreading awareness of rights among women, and offers education for women.
    Address: Mahale Babaji Amasakina Village, Heart
    Tel: +93(0) 799240761

    Oswe Cultural & Social Foundation (OCSF)
    Works for the advancement and empowerment of women, and furthers their education, and advocacy for their rights.
    Address: Mahtab Street, Center of Ghaiznian, Jade, 30 Meter Road, District 5, Heart
    Tel: +93(0) 700464626

    Salik Social Foundation
    Offers Social Services and works for the rights of women.
    Address: ANA Compound, District 8, Anwar Aft Bala Road, Near Sherzad Public Bathroom, Heart
    Tel: +93(0) 707185404, 700416066
  2. Herat Tradeswomen Association (HTWA)
    Provides Social Services and Education for women
    Address: St. #3, Hazrat-e Belal, District 3, Heart
    Tel: +93(0) 798292922, 799432599
  3. Afghan Women Vocational Development Association
    Assists the Vocational Development of Afghan Women
    Address: Kandahar Gate, District 10, Heart
    Tel: +93(0) 787207679, 794616003
  4. Advocacy Coordinating Foundation for Women’s Rights
    Works for Social Justice and defends Women’s Rights
    Address: Beside Mahdiya, Blood Bank Street, District 5, Heart
    Tel: +93(0) 799185442, 700417400


  1. Social and Vocational Organization of Women Carpet Weaving of Ghazni Province (SVOWCW)
    Offers Vocational Training and Capacity
    Building services for women.
    Address: Third Plan, East of Mohammadi Mosque, Ghazni
    Tel: +93(0) 798807745
  2. Shura-e-Inkeshafi Wa Mahali Aqasi (SIWMA)
    Works in the field of Gender Development and offers Social Services
    Address: Khowaja Omari District, Aqasi Village, Ghazni
    Tel: +93(0) 799112750
  3. Social Assistance and Development of Afghanistan Organization (SADAO)
    Provides services for women such as Education, Agriculture, Health and Social Services
    Address: Third Plan, West of Mohammadi Mosque, Ghazni
    Tel: +93(0) 799106280
  4. Afghan Training and Service Organization (ATSO)
    Offers education for Women and Girls
    Address: Third Plan, Khwaja Ali Street, Ghazni
    Tel: +93(0) 795685257, 777401010


  1. Women Social Culture and Intellectual Growth Association (WSCIG)
    Works for gender equality and offers education and rights awareness for women.
    Address: Inside Women Affairs Department, 2nd District,
    Tel: +93(0) 797343883
  2. Movement of Afghan Sisters Association (MAS)
    Works for Gender Equality and Human Rights, and provides education for women.
    Address: Next to Rigie School, Rigie Village, Farah
    Tel: +93(0) 797746518
  3. Dafa az Hoqoq-e-Zanan (DHZ)
    Works for Gender Equality and offers assistance for the education of women.
    Address: Behind the Canal of Shahraka Hanafi,
    District 1, Farah
    Tel: +93(0) 797030365, 794925042
  4. Afghan Women Rescue Association (AWRA)
    Offers Advocacy assistance for Women's Rights
    Geographic coverage: Farah
    Address: District 3, Farah
    Tel: +93(0) 799604477
  5. Afghan Women Advocacy Social Organization
    Offers Social Services, Health and Advocacy Services for women.
    Address: Left Side on Talar-e Gulchin Lane, Agriculture
    Bank Road, District 5, Farah
    Tel: +93(0) 797026950, 798467986
  6. Services Women Relieve Centre for Afghanistan (SWRCA)
    Provides assistance in the form of  Education and Agriculture services.  
    Address: Banka Zarati Street, District 3, Farah
    Tel: +93(0) 799363523
  7. Needy Women Supporting Organization (NWSO)
    Works in the fields of Agriculture, Education and Health, and provides empowerment support for women.
    Geographic coverage: Maymana and Khawjanamosa
    Address: Gazare Tandorak, Maymana, Faryab
    Tel: +93(0) 795094032
  8. Plan and Development Discovery Organization (PDDO)
    Provides legal assistance, awareness and legal aid.
    Address: Sayed Mousa Aqa Street, District 3, Farah
    Tel: +93(0) 799592040
  9. Cultural Development of Women (CDW)
    Works in the field of Gender Equality and Education
    Address: Next to the Police Station, District 4, Farah
    Tel: +93(0) 794437664
  10. Afghanistan Social and Empowerment of Women Organization (ASEWO)
    Works in the field of Gender Equality, Education, Advocacy and Capacity Building
    Address: Next to the Gulchin Wedding Hall, Afghan, Besem Street, District 3, Farah
    Tel: +93(0) 795973137


  1. Faryab People’s Cultural Consul (FPCC)
    Offers Educational services and works for Gender Equality
    Address: Hematabad, Maymana, Faryab
    Tel: +93(0) 799023970
  2. Foundation for Development of Cultural and Civil Society (FDCCS)
    Works in the fields of Gender Equality, and offers Social Services for Women.
    Address: Kohekhana, Maymana, Faryab
    Tel: +93(0) 799293534
  3. Learning and Educational Organization for Afghan Women (LEOAW)
    Provides assistance for women in the fields of Education, Health, Agriculture and Gender
    Address: District 3, Maymana, Faryab
    Tel: +93(0) 799595520, 798726480
  4. Economic Women Development Organization (EWDO)
    Provides Health, Agriculture, Education and
    Social Services for women.
    Address: Behind Municipality Department, District 3, Maymana, Faryab
    Tel: +93(0) 798726480
  5. Afghan Women Unity Organization (AWUO)
    Provides assistance in the fields of Agriculture and Culture for women. Empowers women and works for Gender Equality.
    Address: Karte-Afsaran, Maymana, Faryab
    Tel: +93(0) 797823684


  1. Daikundi Women Islamic and Social Justice Council (DWISJC)
    Offers Literacy training and assistance for women through Tailoring training
    Address: Kohna Deh, District 1, Center of Nilli, Daikundi
    Tel: +93(0) 773788962, 706070880


  1. Payam Social Association (PSA)
    Offers assistance for the empowerment of women
    Address: Baba Yadgar, Behind Alfalah Hospital,
    Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh
    Tel: +93(0) 789367649
  2. Assistance to Defend Women’s Rights Organization (ADWRO)
    Offers assistance for women in Rights awareness, Advocacy and Strengthening
    Civil Society, and legal representation and aid.  
    Address: Near UNMACA, St. #2, District 8,
    Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh
    Tel: +93(0) 700523441
  3. Women and Children Lives Improvements Organization (WCLIO)
    Assistance for the betterment, development and empowerment of Women and Children
    Address: Q Block, Naushad-e-Awal, District 8,
    Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh
    Tel: +93(0) 786304970
  4. Suhraby Reconstruction Organization (SOH)
    Distributes food and other resources, and takes on social and cultural activities for the advancement and rehabilitation of women.  
    Address: Behind Ghulam Sakhi Cinema, Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh
    Tel: +93(0) 700502041
  5. Social Development Program Organization (SDPO)
    Provides Education and Health Care Services
    Address: In Front of Folad Pharmacy, Darwaza Shadyan,
    Guzar Mir Fload, Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh
    Tel: +93(0) 799369011
  6. Rehabilitation and Developmental Organization for People (RDOP)
    Provides assistance in the form of educational support and health care services for women
    Address: St. #4, Dasht Shor, Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh
    Tel: +93(0) 799621044
  7. Makhfi Services and Handy Craft Development Organization (MSHDO)
    Works in the field of handicrafts for women.
    Address: St. #5, Karte-Amani, District 9, Shahre,
    Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh
    Tel: +93(0) 799760136
  8. Kar and Danish Org for Afghanistan (KDOA)
    Provides facilities for the Health, Education, Agriculture and Human Rights of women.
    Address: Near Sajadai School, Karte-Bakhtar,
    Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh
    Tel: +93(0) 772800817
  9. Gender Equality Organization (GEO)
    Assists the empowerment of women and advocacy
    Address: Gozar Seyah Gerd, Stanbol Market, District 3,
    Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh
    Tel: +93(0) 700509797
  10. Developing and Educational Organization for Women (DEOW)
    Provides education, health and facilities for the empowerment of women.  
    Address: Mukhabirat Street, Guzar Sia Gerd,
    Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh
    Tel: +93(0) 786359928
  11. Assistance to Defend Women Rights Organization (ADWRO)
    Provides Education and assistance for the development of women
    Address: Bughdi Street, Near Red Cross Office, District 8, Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh
    Tel: +93(0) 700502263
  12. Afghanistan Development and Education Org (ADEO)
    Provides Educational, Vocational, Social and
    Development Services and Emergency Services
    Address: St. #3, Guzar-e-Mirzaqasem, Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh
    Tel: +93(0) 799428818


  1. Supporting and Training Center for Afghan Poor Women and Girls
    Assists women through the Handicrafts industry and offers Education for women and girls
    Address: Islam Qala Village, District 2, Pul-e-Khomri City,
    Tel: +93(0) 799165231, 700724993
  2. Social Organization for Women and Children Support
    Works for Gender Equality and Human Rights
    Address: Wakil Yasseen House, St. #9, Shashsad Koti,
    District 2, Pul-e-Khomri City, Baghlan
    Tel: +93(0) 799040524,799226054


  1. Zohal Development Association (ZDA)
    Works for the Capacity Building and Education of women, and for the protection of Women's Rights
    Address: North of the River, Bala Shahr Village, Badghis
    Tel: +93(0) 797648207
  2. Badghis Youths, Cultural and Social Association (BYCSA)
    Offers Education for women and works for the empowerment of women.
    Address: 2nd Murghab Street, Kandalan Bazar, Badghis
    Tel: +93(0) 799595799
  3. Badghis Social and Women Tailoring Association (BSWTA)
    Works in the fields of Women Rights and Gender Equality, and offers services for the empowerment of women
    Address: Second Avenue of Morqhab, Bandar Qadis, Second District, Badghis
    Tel: +93(0) 799590588, 799603410
  4. Hossainia Social and Cultural Association (HSCA)
    Offers assistance for women's rights and works for gender equality
    Address: District 1, Badghis
    Tel: +93(0) 772110803


  1. Tradesmen Women Social Inistitutation (TWSI)
    Works in the fields of Gender Equality and Women's Rights and offers opportunities for the Employment of women.
    Address: Opposite Salam Farsi Mosque, Center of
    Faizabad, Badakhshan
    Tel: +93(0) 799031865
  2. Faizabad Women Association (FWA)
    Offers services for the empowerment of Women and vulnerable children
    Address: Faizabad, Badakhshan
    Tel: +93(0) 799390106
    Email: Najia
  3. Afghan Women Service Vocational Organization (AWSVO)
    Offers Capacity Building services for Women and Unemployed Girls
    Address: Tayef School, Faizabad City, Badakhshan
    Tel: +93(0) 707483231
  4. Women Services Organization for Afghan Women (WSOAW)
    Provides services for Women across multiple areas.
    Address: Faizabad City, Badakhshan
    Tel: +93(0) 794875386
  5. Poor Empowerment Rural Women and Girls Organization (PEWGO)
    Works on providing Social Services for Women and Culture.
    Address: Shahmeri Village, Agru District, Faizabad City,
    Tel: +93(0) 796072599
  6. Legal Services in Afghanistan (LSAO)
    Provides Legal Assistance for Women's Rights.
    Address: New City, Badakhshan
    Tel: +93(0) 774399785
  7. Fidakar Educational and Development Organization for Women (FEDOW)
    Working on Women's Capacity Development
    Geographic coverage: Badakhshan
    Address: Faizabad City, Badakhshan
    Tel: +93(0) 796127993
  8. Comfort Women Organization (CWO)
    Works on the development and Empowerment of Women
    Address: Imam Bukhari Mosque, District 5, Faizabad City, Badakhshan
    Tel: +93(0) 798979284
  9. Badakhshan Volunteer Women Organization (BVWO)
    Provides Social Services for Women's Rights
    Address: Faizabad City, Badakhshan
  10. Women for Afghan Women Organization (WAW)
    Works on the Reduction of Violence against Women Through Domestic Counsels
    Address: Faizabad City, Badakhshan
    Tel: +93(0) 0706263645, 799152931
  11. Afghan Women Rehabilitation and Skill Building of Association (AWRSA)
    Works on assisting the Empowerment of Women and Rights, Economic, Health and Cultural
    Address: Badakhshan
    Tel: +93(0) 799728685
  12. Afghan Women Rehabilitation Capacity Building Organization (AWRCBO)
    Works in the field of Female Literacy
    Address: Faizabad City, Badakhshan
    Tel: +93(0) 799551802
  13. Afghan Women Organization for Rehabilitation (AWOR)
    Works on Capacity Building and Education for women.
    Address: Hisa-e-Awal, Shahr-e-Jadid, Faizabad City,
    Tel: +93(0) 799810821


  1. Mariam Cultural and Training Services Association
    Offers Education and Literacy services, and assistance with Handicrafts
    Address: Near Shah Do Shamshira Shrine, District 2,
    Tel: +93(0) 799553893, 700278931
  2. Legal Aid Organization of Afghanistan (LAOA)
    Offers legal assistance in furtherance of children's rights and offers support in Criminal Proceedings
    Address: St. #5, Taimani, Haji Mohamdad, District 4,
    Tel: +93(0) 794340472
  3. Hasina Zohor-e-Aimaq Educational, Training and Cultural Association (HZAECA)
    Offers Education, Handicrafts and Vocational
    Training Services for Women
    Address: Opposite to Blossom Hospital, St. #1, District 4,
    Tel: +93(0) 799335023, 799341079
  4. Doctors and Health Workers Global Union
    Offers Health Services for women
    Address: Gul Zar Market, 4th Floor, District 1, Kabul
    Tel: +93(0) 799311749, 700221820
  5. Arman Shar Social and Cultural Organization
    Offers assistance in the form of Human Rights Advocacy, Social Services, Transition and Justice.
    Address: St. #5, Karte-Parwan, Kabul
    Tel: +93(0) 787195212, 700047523
  6. All Afghan Women Union Org (AWU)
    Offers Social and Vocational Training for women.
    Address: First Floor, Apartment #26, Block #49,
    Mircorayan, Kabul
    Tel: +93(0) 700275091, 777404516
  7. Afghanistan Doctors and Health Workers Union (ADHU)
    Offers Health and Education services for women.
    Address: 4th Floor, Gulzar Market, De Afghanan Opposite
    Municipality, Kabul
    Tel: +93(0) 799311749, 700255067
  8. Afghan Workers Social Organization
    Offers Social Services
    Address: Serahi Allauddin, Left Side, Near Skyway,
    Darulaman Road, Kabul
    Tel: +93(0) 788256973
  9. Afghan Women Arts Association
    Offers assistance of women in the arts industry.
    Address: Afsotar, St. #1, First Part of Khair Khana, Kabul
    Tel: +93(0) 795462989
  10. Afghan Social Justice Development Council
    Offers assistance for women through Tailoring, Literacy Courses and in making Handicrafts.
    Address: St #3, Divan Bigi Station, Khushal Khan,
    District 5, Kabul
    Tel: +93(0) 798140184
  11. Afghan Sisters Movement Forum
    Provides Social Services for Women
    Address: St. #7, Beside Rukhshana High School,
    Karte-Se, Kabul
    Tel: +93(0) 799556031, 777200162
  12. Afghan Disabled Women and Martyr Families Social Association
    Offers Social Services for women who are disabled and / or from underprivileged communities.
    Address: 2nd Floor, Dan-e Hamman, Afghan Gunal, Bibi
    Mahro, District 10, Kabul
    Tel: +93(0) 799040293, 796021413
  13. Afghan Business Women Federation
    Offers support for women looking to make a mark in the world of entrepreneurship.
    Address: St #1, Opposite High Attorney, Qale-e-Fateullah,
    Tel: +93(0) 700653216, 799159239
  14. Afghan Women Business Training Association (AWBSTA)
    Offers assistance in the businesses of Food Production, and Medical Plants for women entrepreneurs
    Address: Close to Kalali Masjid, Dehmazang, Kabul
    Tel: +93(0) 700263876
  15. Terre Des Hommes (TDH)
    Offers child protection, services for Mothers and Children, healthcare for mothers and children, livelihood support and WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) for women and children.
    Address: St. #8, Taimani, Kabul
    Tel:+93(0) 202201290, 706900635
  16. Medecins Du Monde France in Afghanistan (MDM-F)
    Provides Health care for women and Clinics for
    Children and Mothers
    Address: House #520, Shora Street, Karte-Se, Kabul
    Tel: +93(0) 7700282412
  17. LEPCO
    Offers Health Care for Women.
    Address: House #151, St. #4, Karte-Parwan, District 4, Kabul
    Tel: +93(0) 799334401, 778980000
  18. International Assistance Mission (IAM)
    Offers assistance for women for Health, Economical Development, Literacy and Women’s Business Development
    Address: House #472, St. #7, Karte-Se, Kabul
    Tel: +93(0) 700394390
  19. Japan International Friendship and Welfare Foundation (JIFF)
    Offers assistance for women, particularly with programs on Maternal and Child Health, and also offers Social Services
    Address: Beside Russia Embassy, Darulaman Road, District 7, Kabul
    Tel: +93(0) 700276765
  20. International Legal Foundation Afghanistan (ILF-A)
    Offers assistance in the form of Criminal Attorney Defense System to Defend Poor Defendants
    Address: House #558, St. #5, Qala-e-Fatehullah, Kabul
    Tel: +93(0) 700611316
  21. Afghan Women and Human Development Services Organization (AWHDSO)
    Provides support for Women Rights and offers Social Services
    Address: Asi Awal, Qanoni Road, Moqadis School, Kabul
    Tel: +93(0) 700296845
  22. Afghan Women Enterprise Network (AWEN)
    Works towards Capacity Building
    for women.
    Address: St. #5, Taimani Project, Near Malikasuria High
    School, Kabul
    Tel: +93(0) 799326051, 799308023
  23. Afghan Women’s Educational Center (AWEC)
    Works in the fields of Education and Agriculture, and provides support for women's education.
    Address: Opposite Ministry of Higher Education,
    Karte-Char, Kabul
    Tel: +93(0) 700263794, 700267439
  24. Afghan Women Association for Rehabilitation (AWARD)
    Works in the fields of Handicraft, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry to help women find employment.
    Address: House #32, St. #2, Karte-Parwan, Kabul
    Tel: +93(0) 700280180
  25. Afghanistan Rehabilitation (ARWEO)
    Areas of activity: Health, Education, and Social Services
    Address: Khair Khana Third Part, Charahi-e-Panjsad Famili, Kabul
    Tel: +93(0) 70642122
  26. Afghan Rehabilitation and Health Services Organization (ARHSO)
    A school and training center for orphans and war-torn children in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan.
    Address: St. #1, Taimani, Next to the Kulola Pushta Hill Raisins Export Promotion, Kabul
    Tel: +93(0) 773131707, 700284488
  27. Afghan Planning Agency (APA)
    Offers food delivery and shelter, for women and for refugees
    Address: House #144, Charahi-e-Ansari, Shahr-e-Naw, Kabul
    Tel: +93(0) 799617670
  28. Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL)
    Provides Educational facilities  and Health care for women and members of disadvantaged communities.  
    Address: Behind Baharistan Cinema, House #63,
    Karte-Parwan, Kabul
    Tel: +93(0) 700401771
  29. Afghanistan Human Rights and Democracy Organization (AHRDO)
    Provides Training and Information, and works in the field of Human and Women’s Rights
    Address: Opposite Finest Super-Market, Karte-Se, Sara-e-Ghazni, Kabul
    Tel: +93(0) 777315029, 799140193
  30. Afghan Health Organization (AHO)
    Provides Health facilities and medical support.
    Tel: +93(0) 700277776
  31. Afghan Health Development Services (AHDS)
    Provides Health support, Capacity Building, Training and Nutrition
    Address: House #4, St. #2, Charahi Taimani, District 4,
    Tel: +93(0) 798 297462
  32. Afghan Child Education and Care Org (AFCECO)
    Provides Education, Health and Social Services for children
    Tel: +93(0) 752035507
  33. Afghan Women Skills Development Organigation (AWSDO)
    Provides Vocational Skills Training and Civic
    Education for Women
    Address: St. #4, Taimani Watt, Kabul
    Tel: +93(0) 798723197
  34. Afghan Friendship and Cooperation Org (AFCO)
    Provides Education and services for Mental Health and well-being. Also works for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
    Address: House #1, St. #1, Taimani, Kabul
    Tel: +93(0) 799003387
  35. Norwegian Refugee Council
    Provides legal assistance for refugee survivors of gender based violence.
    Phone:+93 (0) 799 7977 48
  36. Tabish Organization
    Provides psycho-social assistance, health care and counselling, education and vocational training programs for survivors of gender based violence including refugee survivors of gender based violence.
    Address: P.O. Box, Ministry of Information and Communication, Kabul Afghanistan 5661
    Phone: +93 (0)7 97 33 44 99 or +93 75 21 41 519 or +93 70 02 57 340
    Email: /


  1. International Orphan Care (IOC)
    Offers courses in Carpentry, English and Tailoring for women and children.
    Address: Behind Education Faculty, District #3, Jalalabad,
    Tel: +93(0) 700601331, 78960133
  2. United Medical Center for Afghans Rehabilitation Program for Afghanistan (UMCA/RPA)
    Offers Health and Education for Women
    Address: House #5, St. #3, Regi Shamat Khan, Zone 4, Near UNICEF Office, Jalalabad, Nangarhar
    Tel: +93(0) 700602590, 799333622
  3. Afghan Volunteer Doctors Association (AVDA)
    Offers Health Care Assistance for Women
    Address: House #898k, St. #6, District 2, Jalalabad,
    Tel: +93(0) 799203003
  4. Ahmad Shah Baba Rehabilitation Organization (ABRO)
    Offers assistance in the form of Education, Health, and Service Delivery for Women.
    Address: Apt. #46, Haji Market, Jalalabad, Nangarhar
    Tel: +93(0) 700600495


  1. Simaya Azady Rehabilitation Services for Afghanistan (SARSA)
    Offers Social Services for Women
    Address: St. #7, Sarai Sang, Takhar
    Tel: +93(0) 700234249
  2. Peace Organization (PO)
    Offers comprehensive social services, Peace Building and Social Services
    Address: In Front of Bajawrya Mosque, Beside Abu Osman, Taloqany High School, Takhar
    Tel: +93(0) 700708185, 799132513
  3. Organization for Poverty Relief of Afghans (OPRA)
    Offers Social Services, Capacity Building,
    Livelihood assistance, Emergency Assistance
    and Development Activities for Women
    Address: Container Street, Near to Sohrab Petrol Pump,
    Taloqan City, Takhar
    Tel: +93(0) 799340868


  1. Health Worker Association (HWA)
    Offers assistance for women in fields of Health and Alternative Livelihood Development Address: Near to Government House, Qalat, Zabul
    Tel: +93(0) 700069881


  1. Efforts Organization for Women Advocacy (EOWA)
    Offers Educational, Vocational, Legal and
    Capacity Building for Women.
    Address: Provincial Street, Next to Samangan Provincial
    Office, Aybak, Samangan
    Tel: +93(0) 784513607


  1. Women Vocational Training and Agricultural Services Organization (WVTASO)
    Offers assistance in the form of Agricultural Skills Development, Vocational Training and Advocacy for Women's Rights.
    Address: Near to Hofian Hospital, Section #8, Charikar,
    Tel: +93(0) 774704215, 799155411
  2. Organization of Dedication Everlasting (ODE)
    Assists in promoting Women's Empowerment, and offers Education for women, while also addressing Gender Violence
    Address: Sayed Khail Road, Gulbahar, Parwan
    Tel: +93(0) 795094983, 798258686


  1. Brew Women Vocational Training Organization (BWVTO)
    Offers Vocational Training for Women
    Address: Etfaq Meena, Next to Naswan Shahri School,
    Tel: +93(0) 706093293
  2. Afghan Technical Org (ATO)
    Offers Legal assistance and Social Services
    Address: Room #4, 2nd Floor, Jamiha Market, Khost St,
    Gardez, Paktia
    Tel: +93(0) 799388440


  1. Wardak Women Unity and Social Association (WWUSA)
    Offers assistance in the form of Alternative Livelihood Development, Income Generation, Micro Credit and Education for Women.
    Address: Across Provincial Council Street, PC-Maidan
    Shar, Wardak
    Tel: +93(0) 799341854, 776868919
  2. National Industrial Development for Afghanistan (NIDA)
    Offers assistance in the fields of Health, Handicrafts and Education for women.
    Address: Gulzar Market, First Floor, Maidan Wardak
    Tel: +93(0) 797131999
  3. Banai Afghan Association (BAA)
    Offers services in the fields of Agriculture, Education and Gender Equality.
    Geographic coverage: Wardak
    Address: Behsood District, Koh Beroon, Wardak
    Tel: +93(0) 797608180


  1. Women Social, Cultural, Educational Association (WSCEA)
    Offers assistance for women in Income Generation, Conflict Resolution and Education
    Address: Sehat Ama Road, Rakht Market, Pole Alam, Logar
    Tel: +93(0) 778408120
  2. Movement of Afghan Sisters (MOAS)
    Offers assistance in the fields of Agriculture, Alternative Livelihoods
    and Conflict Resolution for women.
    Address: Jail Road, Laycee Bi Bi Aminah, Pole Alam,
    Tel: +93(0) 796937010
  3. Komaidan Rehabilitation Organization (KRO)
    Offers assistance for the Economic Empowerment of Women
    Address: St. #2, Behind Governor House, District 5,
    Pole Alam, Logar
    Tel: +93(0) 778408120
  4. Handicraft Women Development Association (HWDA)
    Assists in the economic development of women by teaching them handicraft skills
    Address: St. #2, Khayati Market, Pole Alam, Logar
    Tel: +93(0) 706602179


  1. Youth Education and Women Care Organization (YEWCO)
    Offers education, skills training and social
    services for women.
    Address: Mandakool, Asad Abad City, Kunar
    Tel: +93(0) 700643673


  1. Organization for Humanitarian Assistance (OHA)
    Offers services for women in the field of Agricultural Professional Education and
    provides Emergency Services
    Address: House #117, Behind Kandahar Hotel, District 6,
    Tel: +93(0) 700301256
  2. Afghan Learning Development Organization (ALDO)
    Offers assistance for women in the fields of Health, Agriculture and Education
    Address: Acc Center, Kabul Shah, Kandahar City
    Tel: +93(0) 700302092


  1. Razi Social Development Organization (RSDO)
    Offers resources in the form of Community Mobilization, Education, Economy, Agriculture, Health and facilities for the Empowerment of Women.
    Address: Bagh Azadi Road, Herat
    Tel: +93(0) 797368672
  2. Organization for Development of Social and Liaison Program (ODSLP)
    Provides assistance for the Empowerment of Women, and offers Education for Women.
    Address: In Front of Khyam Hall, 30 Meter Street, Herat
    Tel: +93(0) 799370025
  3. Mehragan Social and Cultural Organization (MSCO)
    Provides Education for women and facilities for their Empowerment
    Address: Bakhsh Badmorghan, Baghcha Golha, Herat
    Tel: +93(0) 793301880
  4. Coordination of Rehabilitation Service and Development for Afghanistan (CRDSA)
    Offers assistance for women with resources for their livelihood, and support in the form of human rights advocacy and awareness.
    Address: Mukhabirat Street, District 4, Herat
    Tel: +93(0) 20220040, 700400174
  5. Birth of New Idea Organization (BNIO)
    Offers assistance for women in the fields of Health, Education and Women Empowerment
    Address: Bahzad Street, Herat
    Tel: +93(0) 799153511
  6. Afghan Women Lawyers Organization (AWLO)
    Offers assistance in the fields of Human Rights, Gender Mainstreaming and Education
    Address: Bad Morghan, Baghcha Gul Ha, Herat
    Tel: +93(0) 700464621
  7. Afghan Women Educational Professional Improvement Organization (AWEPIO)
    Works in the space of Women Improvement, Education and Economic Growth
    Address: Airport Street, Guzara District, Herat
    Tel: +93(0) 797823070
  8. Afghan Sisters Social and Educational Organization (ASSEO)
    Offers assistance for women through Education and Empowerment
    Address: Enjil District, Qaizan Village, Herat
    Tel: +93(0) 700434205


  1. Afghan Women Development and Social Organization (AWDSSO)
    Provides facilities such as Education, Agriculture, Handcraft and Awareness for women.
    Address: Agriculture Watt, Behind Karte-Lagan Police
    Station, Lashkargah, Helmand
    Tel: +93(0) 707459644