End of Term

Communicate End of Term and Grades Due Date using Daily Bulletin

Path: Main Screen > Special Functions > Daily Bulletin Setup

Evaluating Teacher’s Gradebook Readiness

Searching for missing Grades

  1. In the main screen search field type: DateStored=10/30/2014 (or the date you last stored grades)  Grade=(leave blank)
  2. Query what’s in GB with this on class rosters. Example is for end of the year.  Rename or include the store codes based on your need.  Ex – if you are working with Q1 only you would type Q1 and that would be the only line you would enter. For quarter 2 you would type a line for Q1 and another line for Q2

Export historical grades  

Path: Main screen > System > Export Historical Grades – Enter store code

Quick Screen Look Up

From the main screen select a student and click on a grade. At the bottom of the screen you will see

the date the gradebook was last updated.


The following reports will assist in identifying teachers with the following gradebook issues:

•        No assignments

•        No grades

•        Missing grades

•        Gradebook never opened or setup

Teacher Gradebook  

Path: Main Screen > System Reports > Grades and Gradebooks > Teacher Gradebook

Note: The option Print Final Grades is asking for a specific term code: Q1, Q2, S1, Q3, Q4, S2, F1, E1, E2

Enter the code for the specific term you are checking.  Example: Q1

Student Schedule Listings

Path: Main Screen > System Reports > Student Listings > Student Schedule Listings

•        A dash in the column indicates the teacher has not set up assignments for this class

•        A blank indicates the gradebook as never been launched.

This report can take some time to run. Best practice will be to select students

scheduled in classes of specific teachers that you suspect are not meeting expectations in maintaining

their gradebook. Tip: To print go to File > Page Setup on your browsers (Windows) menu; set scale to 80% and select Landscape. Netscape users got to File > Page Setup and select Print Backgrounds.

Final Grade and Comment Verification Form

Path: PowerTeacher Administrator > Gradebook > Admin Login > Select Teacher >Launch Gradebook > Reports > Final Grade and Comment Verification

Note: Teachers are to only use comments from the district approved comment bank in PowerSchool on report cards. Teachers are not to type in their own comments.


Section Readiness Report

Path: PowerTeacher Administrator > Reports > Section Readiness Report

Note: Select teacher then click on details to see students missing grades; report can be exported

Verify Final (F1) Grade Gradebook Configuration

Identify Term IDs

When using DDE to search for term specific information, you need to know the internal ID number of your terms. On the Start Page, click School > Years and Terms; Locate the current year and click Edit Terms. Starting at the top, click the longest term; At the bottom of the page, locate the four-digit number, and enter that term name and term ID number here: If your longest term is 2014-2015, the term ID number will be 2400. Using the breadcrumbs, click Term Setup, then select the next term; repeat until all are identified.

Use DDE to Verify Final Grade Settings

Path: Start Page, click System > Direct Database Export (DDE)

From Current Table, Select CC (4); In the Search CC area, choose TermID = 2401

Select = as the comparator; enter 2401 in the search field (2401 is the TermID for S1)

Note: If you have students enrolled in both semester and yearlong classes during Semester 1, search both TermID >= 2400 and TermID <2402.

Check box to for school only; Search all [xx] records in this table; Export Records

Export the following fields to see a list of Q1, Q2, and S1 final grades and percentages:
















Click Submit and save the file; Open the results with Excel

Change the name of column K to Q1 Percent, column M to Q2 Percent, and column O to S1 Final

In cell P2, type =ROUND(AVERAGE(K2,M2),0)

Use this formula to calculate what the S1 final grade should be using for the Q1 and Q2 final grades.

Copy this formula down the column to all remaining cells

Compare the results of this column to the S1 final grades in column N

 If differences appear between columns O and P for a teacher, it is likely that the teacher does not have Q1 and Q2 final grades weighted at 50/50 in S1. Use the spreadsheet to help pinpoint trouble spots so that you can then contact teachers who need to correct final grade settings in their gradebooks.

Storing Grades

Note: Always use Mozilla or Chrome; will not work in Internet Explorer (Mozilla preferred)Make sure all non-reporting non-graded courses/sections are set to exclude from storing grades,report card, transcript, GPA, Honor Roll, Rank. Example- Homeroom, Enrichment

Path: Permanently Store Grades page by selecting System > Permanently Store Grades

Select the correct term from the Final Grade/Reporting Term menu. These terms are the same as the terms used in the teachers' gradebooks and are found on the Final Grade Setup page. Next, enter the correct store code.  Note: High/middle schools – store semester courses; repeat to store yearlong courses; must repeat process for when storing multiple terms and store in order.  Ex: Q2, S1, E1, F1

Select store method:

•        Exclude classes for students that enrolled 10 days prior to end of the term

•        Exclude classes that were dropped 10 days after the term start date

              ** At the beginning of the year/semester, you can use the term end date (10/28 for dropped  

                   Classes; evaluate your enrollments students with dropped classes to determine date that

                   meets your need. You want to make sure you print a report card for every student that

                   should be included for that term

Note: Exclusion methods - The first way excludes enrollments for students who enrolled in a course after a specified date. The second way excludes enrollments for students who dropped a course before a specified date. Choose one or both of the options.

Inclusion method - includes only enrollments that are both currently active and were active on a specified date during the grading term. For example, suppose the last date that students could enroll in a class and still get credit for it was November 24th. When grades are stored, only currently active students who were enrolled on or before November 24th would be included. So students who enrolled before November 24th would get credit for the course, and students who dropped the course after November 24th would also get credit. Students who dropped late will still get credit for the course that they've been in for most of the marking period. This method is commonly used in elementary schools.

If you need to store grades for a specific group of students, you can store grades for your current student selection, a course section, a grade level, or students whose school exit date falls within a specific date range using the additional filter options. Best practice for initial store is by grade level.

District policy dictates credit to be awarded when the course is completed and passed. Credit for each course will be stored with the Store Code F1 with credit - 100%

Include grades for courses taken at other schools in the district in the store process.

Teachers need to print, sign and turn a copy of their gradebook after final grade submission.

Grade change forms are required for all grade changes made after grades are stored.  

Note: Best Practice is to screen print your store screen settings for reference.




Have teachers print grade verification, sign and turn                       manager

Teachers complete grade change form for any chat

**Note: Above guide applies to high schools only - Elementary and middle schools store with      

                No Credit for all terms

Once grades have been stored for each term, change the Current Grade Display to Historical and

Change the Current Final Grade to the next term. (School Set up > Grading > Current Grade Display)


System > Export Historical Grades

Enter this string, save to excel; sort from lowest to highest to get failures

Sort from highest to lowest to get highest grades.






Stored Grades Report

Path: Main Screen > System Reports > SqlReports > Stored Grades Report

Main Screen > Select students either all or by grade level

Functions > Attendance > Search by Grade/Attendance

Below is a screen print on the report set up for failures

You can use this report for other needs by adjusting the grade and attendance fields

See the screen shot on the back page set up example for failures

Printing Report Cards

Selected page breaks and print options will be output when this page is printed. This instructional text will not be sent to the printer. Note that due to browser differences, some browsers may fail to properly print this report. Always use Mozilla

Tips for printing:

Turn on printing of backgrounds. Shading and colorations in this reports are all "backgrounds", and not printing backgrounds will generally lead to illegible printouts.

Turn off printing of "header" information in your browser settings. If this is not off, each page printed will include (depending on browser) the URL of this page, a page number, and a time stamp. These are generally not desired for this report.

It is advised that you use your browsers "Print Preview" feature to confirm that the output is correct prior to sending to the printer. You may adjust text size using the text font size controls of your browser. You may also control landscape/portrait printing via your browser settings. Doing so may fix cases where table cells end up spanning page breaks or where the report appears too small in the final output. Also note that this report has been opened in a new window. Once done printing, close this window to return to your previous PowerSchool session

Common Gradebook Mistakes Causing Grade/Report Card Issues

                    Grade and percent cannot be blank

            Grade & percent must be the same or the grade will post as an F

                   This occurs most often when a grade is changed but the percent is not changed

               missing a grade  

               Teachers must use comments from the district comment bank now in PowerSchool

                Go to Historical grades and clean up courses with dashes in the stored term

Honor Roll

Check methods - Path: Main Screen > School Setup > Honor Roll

Calculate Honor Roll – Path: Main Screen > System > Calculate Honor Roll

Always double check report calculation