Drawing and Painting II

Quarter 1

Sketchbook Assignments

Due Date


Work Log (record date and time)

Self Evaluation

Monday, September 23

Create a series of drawing of figures in action from life. Draw at least 15-20 figures. You may use any media.

Monday, September 30

Pick one of the following and create a work of art based on this:

Figures in Motion

The Angry Crowd

Life at the Beach

Monday, October 7

What is your favorite work of art? Recreate the work of art in a new medium with a different color scheme.

Tuesday, October 15

Create a collage of color. Use magazines, and recycled paper

Monday, October 21

Create an abstract self portrait. Use a new material or one that you are not as comfortable with.

Monday, October 27

Look at the work of Shepard Fairey. Create a work of art that use text and an image from the news/media