Glen Park Association Board of Directors Meeting minutes

December 14, 2016

400 Sussex St.

In attendance:

Michael Rice, President

Carolyn Deacy, Program Chair

Ashley Hathaway, Recreation and Park Chair

John Walmsley, Neighborhood Environment Chair

Sally Ross, Greenway Committee

Nicholas Dewar, Greenway committee

Stephany Wilkes, Recording Secretary

Scott Stawicki, Vice President/Transportation Chair

Hilary Schiraldi, Membership Secretary

Tania Treis, Zoning and Planning Chair

Mic Ames, Communications/Corresponding Secretary

Call to order: 7:13 PM

Quorum established

Approval of August, September, October, - November 2016  board minutes:

Dewar: Motion to approve

Stawicki: Seconds

Deacy abstains. All remaining in favor. Minutes approved.

7:15 PM

Treasurer’s Report

Mullen not in attendance; it is finals week at City College. No update.

Membership Report

Impromptu request to Schiraldi. GPA membership estimate is 500 in spreadsheet.


Committee Reports: 7:20 PM

Transportation Committee

Recreation & Park

Zoning and Planning Committee




Greenway Update:



January 26 quarterly meeting items

Adjourned: 9:10 PM

Letter to SNRAMP