IamInfoSMART Amazing Race


  1. The InfoSmart Amazing Race (based on the reality tv show The Amazing Race) is open to all bona-fide DLSU undergraduate students.
  2. Interested participants should form a team of three and sign up. The ways to sign up:  
  1. Registration starts on 20 November 2013 and will be closed as soon as the slots are filled in. (Limited slots only)
  2. The official list of teams will be announced via email and via the Libraries’ social media sites. Participants will also receive an email notification regarding the details of the event.
  3. During the race, there will be pit stop clues and challenges. Pit stops will include the different library areas such as the Cyber Space, Chill at the Fifth, American Corner, Discussion Rooms as well as the different sections.
  4. Team members are to work together to solve each clue and successfully complete each task to be able to get the next clue to the next destination.
  5. Each team must get a stamp at every pit stop.
  6. The first team to reach the final pit stop with complete stamps will be declared winner.


Registration Period

November 20-25, 2013

Announcement of the Official Teams

November 26, 2013

Meet-the-Team Photo Shoot and Pre-Race Briefing

November 27, 2013

IamInfoSmart Amazing Race

November 29, 2013