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Currently at: Day 100 (17/03/2016)

Day 093SS (21/07/2016)

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Character List:         

  • Rou - Tomokui Kanata (Main Character) a human who is reincarnated as a lowly Goblin. Currently on his 2nd Rank Up, a Black Variant of an Ogre.
  • Kichi - Rou’s first goblin friend. His name is Gobukichi, and he’s a front-liner kind of guy. He usually has this expressionless and blank eyes, but he likes Rou. Currently on his 2nd Rank Up, a Dark Metallic Red Variant of an Ogre.
  • Gobumi-chan - The ranged female goblin that joined Rou’s party after Gobukichi. She thinks that Rou is cool. She’s the leader of the “Tirard” corps.
  • Kirimine Aoi - The stalker girl from the start.
  • Goblin Elder (Gobujii/Gramps) - A very old goblin looking over Rou’s generation of Goblins.
  • Redhead - A female adventurer who specializes in farming.
  • Elder Sister Tailor - a human female who was saved by Rou. She specializes in weaving dresses and sometimes armor. She also helps out with her younger sister in cooking.
  • Younger Sister Cook - a human female who was saved by Rou. She specializes in various cooking techinques, and is improving with Rou’s teachings.
  • Alchemist-san - A human female who was saved by Rou. She specializes in brewing  potions and creating coatings. She owns her own Laboratory which Rou made. He sometimes comes in to help out with research.
  • Blacksmith-san - A human female who was saved by Rou. She is able to repair and create new weapons for Rou’s Party. She owns her own Smithy made by Rou.
  • Gobue-chan - A female goblin that joins Rou’s main party later on, enjoys mining. She leads the “Patri” Corps. She wears a bandana to separate herself from other Hobgoblin/Goblin females.
  • Hobusei-san - A very knowledgeable female mage hobgoblin from the previous generation of goblins.  She teaches and helps Rou later on. She leads the “Magician” Corps. Is currently a Half Spell Lord.
  • Hobusato-san - A female hobgoblin from the previous generation. She specializes in speed and assassin-like methods. She leads the “Red Surge” corps.
  • Returner - A small creature with a Gem on its forehead.
  • Velvet - An old expert in magic and arts. Found as a mummy inside his own palace-like cave.
  • Dryad-san - A plant creature in the shape of a Greek woman. She encounters Rou in the Forest while he was venturing around.
  • Gobuji-kun - A newly ranked up Hobgoblin in charge of the group “Prière”. He is a hobgoblin Cleric, basically the main healing corps of Rou’s Party.
  • Elven Maiden-san - Daughter of Father Elf, one of the clan heads of the Elves. Her beauty’s out of this world. She’s an archer.
  • Father Elf  - A hearty male elf. He likes Rou in a non-homo kind of way. He also gives them loads of Elven Wine.
  • Female Knight -
  • Rusty Iron Knight -




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