Pilgrims Crossing Borders 2015 – North Jutland, Denmark HIRTSHALS – VIBORG

May 29th – June 7th, 2015

Pilgrims Crossing Borders is a pilgrim relay walk from Trondheim/ Nidaros to Rome and Jerusalem. From Hirtshals we head south along the “Hærvej” route which connects Scandinavia to Central Europe. The first couple of days we will be walking along the West Coast enjoying magnificent views and probably a good wind. We will cross Limfjorden at Aggersund, walk through Himmerland and arrive in Viborg on the 10th day. Meeting-point: Hirtshals on Friday, May 29th about 6.00 pm. (details later) Train to Hirtshals from Hjørring. We will be accommodated together with pilgrims from Norway.

Saturday morning we set out from Hirtshals and will walk ab. 20-25 km (13-16 miles) per day. We will pass by some of our fine medieval Churches where we sometimes will take time for a rest and a short prayer. Each day there will be morning- and evening prayers according to old Christian traditions.

Stages: This pilgrimage can be divided like this: Stage 1: Hirtshals-Bonderup: Friday 29/5-Tuesday 2/6. Stage 2: Bonderup-Viborg: Tuesday 2/6 ab. 6,00 pm-Sunday 7/6.

Accommodations: Usually church-halls, camping huts etc. NB: Bring sleeping bag. Luggage (apart from your own rucksack) will be transported by car (max. 15 kg/pers.). All meals are included.

You participate on your own responsibility. You need to have some walking experience, and must be able to walk 20-25 km (13-16 miles) a day.

Price Hirtshals-Viborg: DKR. 4400,- (590 EUR). Deposit at registration (not refundable): DKR. 500,- (70 EUR) The remaining amount must be paid by May 15th. Stage 1 or 2: DKR 2200,- (295 EUR). Deposit at registration (not refundable): DKR. 250 (35 EUR). The remaining amount must be paid by May 15th. Payment to this account: 5079-0001485654 (Jyske Bank). IBAN: DK25 5079 0001 4856 54. BIC/SWIFT: JYBADKKK.

You are registered when the deposit has been paid and you have received an e-mail from us confirming that. Max. 20 pilgrims.

Register here before 30 April: pilgrimnord@gmail.com (Please write name, home address, mobile-number and, if wanted, stage no.)

This part of “Pilgrims Crossing Borders” is led by a group of Jutland pilgrims: Andreas Blinkenberg (coordinator), Tlf. +45 31 70 16 14, email: blinkenberg.andreas@gmail.com Sten Erik Løvgreen, Hanne Hansen, Ernst Hansen, Lars Møller Jensen, Gunhild Grarup, Peter Grarup. Read more: www.pilgrim-nordjylland.dk

------------------- In Viborg it will be possible to join the next stage of the pilgrimage to Padborg. Read more: http://www.elisabethlidell.dk/pages/kalender.php The international pilgrimage: www.picrobo.blogspot.com