Reading and hearing voice-annotated PDFs with iAnnotate

iAnnotate is an iPad app that lets people not only write on PDFs, but also insert voice comments in them. These annotations can be made on an iPad with the app, but people can only hear the voice annotations if they open the PDF with Adobe Reader on a computer, not an iPad.

Steps for reading/listening to an annotated PDF

  1. To open a PDF with voice comments, be sure the computer you’re using has Adobe Reader installed. On a Mac, check the Applications list. Reader is installed on the Pinewood Library and cart machines.
  2. Click “Download” on the PDF in your email.
  3. The PDF will now appear in a button in a bar at the bottom of the Mac window.
  4. Click the arrow on the right of the PDF’s button, then select Show in Finder (or, just find it in the Finder and click on it once to select it).
  5. Go to File → Open With → Adobe Reader.

Now, in addition to reading the notes on the PDF, you can click on the speaker icons to hear comments.

Keep in mind that you can now edit your version of the annotated PDF. Be sure not to unintentionally move content around. If you do, you can always download the PDF again to see the original version.

If you are using a shared computer, go to the Downloads folder and drag the PDF to the trash, then click on the Finder, and under Finder, click Empty Trash.