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Share Docs With Several People/Students

 Without Typing All the Email Addresses

This method enables a teacher to:

Or, teachers whose students do have Google accounts may:

In either case, the teacher will make the document “public.” Permissions can be given for students to “edit” or “view” the document.

  1. Make the Doc “public,” and allow editing rights if you choose
  2. Post the link from a webpage the students access, such as a class webpage
  3. Students click on the link to the public document and open it
  4. Students with Google accounts can do one of two things:
  1. Use the SHARE drop down menu and “share” the document with themselves; also send an email to themselves with a link
  2. Or, MAKE A COPY of the document within DOCS and rename it
  1. Later, you can change permissions on the document so it is no longer public, or you can change permission from “edit” to “view” only