UN Social 500 - Volunteer Role : Community Moderator


To engage UN Social 500 participants in creating an active, learning community in the use of digital media


Ensure UN Social 500 participants are individuals currently working for a UN agency.

To correctly tag existing and new participants according to Gender, Agency, Region and Position.



Review current UN Social 500 list and new applicants each month (must be before last day of each month)

Time requirement (per month) -  Between 0.5 and 1.5 hours.

Example timetable:

Screenshots of volunteer activities

Login to Rise.global

Interrogate player lists

Review internal moderation queue and include / exclude

You’ll need to click on each new player, then click on their social profile e.g. Twitter to find out more about them. Then either exclude them or include them onto the board.

Review external list of players

From time to time it’s worth going through the full list and checking for people who’s bios have changed - this tends to reflect a change in role and they may no longer be working for the UN. You can then Edit their record to exclude them from the board.

UN Social 500 community moderation.png

Use @unsocial500 twitter account to query players or to let them know about exclusion

Query players via an @message “Hi thanks for applying to join - what agency are you with?”

Exclude players “I’m sorry we’re removing you from the board as you don’t work for the UN - let us know if this is not the case”

[1] Full Training will be provided on using Rise