Email, Alicia Pierce, communications director, Texas Secretary of State’s office, Oct. 29, 2013

4:53 p.m.

If a voter’s ID doesn’t match his or her name on the registration, all they will need to do is initial a statement saying that they are indeed the same person. Attached is the combination form in which all voters sign when voting in person. The box to initial the same name affidavit is right next to the signature line.


Poll workers have been trained to account for a number of factors that could affect both men and women at the polls such as the use of a suffix like jr. or sr., the use of a nickname, and a change of name or change of order of a name due to marriage or divorce.


We have received no reports of any voter having to vote provisionally because the name on their ID did not match the name on their registration.


Though it was not required, many Texans have voted with photo ID for years without incident.


Alicia Phillips Pierce

Communications Director

Texas Secretary of State