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The Miskitu People Need Urgent Help.

Recently a Hurricane struck Prinzapolka. The aftermath has been devastating for this area. People are sick, dehydrated, injured,  and starving.  The Nicaraguan government has remained silent. They have not sent help since this natural disaster occurred roughly a week ago. Over thirty thousand people are affected in some capacity by the Hurricane.


 The aftermath of the hurricane that hit Prinzapolka has been devastating to this area. Thousands of people are sick, dehydrated, injured,  and starving. The Nicaraguan government has remained silent. They have not sent help since this natural disaster occurred roughly a week ago. Over thirty thousand people are affected in some capacity by this natural disaster. Because of the urgency of the people in Bilwi Puerto Cabezas Nicaragua to their governor Carlos Aleman, the regional government sent one hundred gallons of water and two hundred gallons of diesel fuel. This does not address the needs of the people completely. More must be done soon. They need larger amounts of fresh water, food and medical supplies. We as an organization are doing all that we can to gather donations of food and medical supplies but we have no means of shipping anything due to the high cost. We are requesting any help and/or shipping methods that you can provide to deliver these basic necessities to the people who so desperately need them. They need immediate help. We are asking you because it is our belief that Mr. Ortega is withholding relief so that the people will die. That would make it easier for his Colonos (aka Sandinista) to move in on their land and its resources. Please help us provide aid.

 We as an organization are doing all that we can to gather donations of food and medical supplies but we have no means of shipping anything due to the high cost. We are requesting any help and/or shipping methods that you can provide to deliver these basic necessities to the people who desperately need them. They need immediate help.


About The Authors Of the Petition:

About The Authors Of the Petition:

We are . We are a non profit organization for the empowerment, education, development and preservation of the Miskitu Nation(Pech, Miskitu, Garifuna, Sumu,Prinzapolka, Sambos, Tawaska, Laka,Rama, Kreole). We are dedicated to preserving our heritage and culture in Central America (who ruled most central prior to 1492 and for 280 years after).  For many years we ( have been writing the U N, U S, Great Britain and Spain as leaders, responsible and accountable organisations and countries about helping us to bring a peaceful solution to the mess that they have had some hand in creating for our nation.

Brief HIstory

The Miskitu Nation were originally twelve united tribes before Christopher Colombus attempted to step foot on their soil. They were never conquered yet they were forcefully and illegally bound to false treaties. The UN’s Resolution 650 resulted in the people giving up their arms for peace. That is far from what has occurred. They have been experiencing ecological, environmental and human genocide and are being wiped off the planet for their abundant natural resources including, oil, seafood, gold, mineral resources, exotic fruits, medicinal holistic plants and much more.  It seems there is a media blackout on the abuses and extermination of Miskitu, people, land, sea and culture at hand. They are oppressed and hidden from the world. Their origins of descent range from Olmec, African and Asian ancestry and they also traded and bred with Mayans.  The Miskitu were in the Americas well before any European or British ever set foot or claimed to discovered the new world. Their archaeological history alone should be a reason why the world should help us preserve their heritage and break free from the horrible oppression they are experiencing.


People of this world this is your planet! God gave it to all of us. It is our duty to hold people who are destroying it accountable. The people who are known as the “Stewards of the Earth are being exterminated while they soldier onward to protect the environment and maintain the quality of life we all take for granted. They are being exterminated! THEY SCREAM AND IT FALLS ON GREEDS DEAF EARS.  We need you to help us and be our audio device for rescue and change! Join with The Miskitu Nation to end these atrocities.

The Miskitu people need urgent attention.The world can be a better place yet it is up to all of us to take action and be responsible for our global families well being!



The people confirm that the Sandinista government of Nicaragua and FSLN (led by commander/ president Daniel Ortega Saavedra and Rosario Murillo) both promote the invasion of the Colonos. They provide the Colonos with weapons (prohibited by state law and UN Resolution 650). United Nations Resolution 650 was created in 1990. It's purpose was to provide the Miskitu Nation with an observance of peace. This resolution is faulty and leaves the people of Mosquitia / Miskitu and its territories under Daniel Ortega, the Sandinista terroristic communist regime and Honduran forces. Miskitu people are at the mercy of their abuse! Despite our efforts for peace, there is no implementation of resolution 650 from the UN.

They are STILL committing war crimes against the Miskitu Nation, similar to those from the infamous 70s-90s (see: wars of Latin America. Past and present rulers of the FSLN condone the acts and the extinction of our timber and mineral resources. Fishing companies illegally and wickedly are taking what belongs to the people. They get rich while our country is forced into poverty.


     People are being starved and/or exterminated by companies owned by Nicaragua, Honduras, Venezuela, Canadá, Scandinavia, Europe, China, Iran, Russia and Colombia. These companies have illegal possession of their natural resources having acquired them through the protection of the Government of Nicaragua, FSLN and Honduran forces. They continue to refuse to provide funds for the rehabilitation of Miskitu Nation’s land. Instead, they have instituted laws created to justify the invasion by settlers. Resulting in a "peaceful coexistence" with the natives, this is far from the truth. Their goal is to move Nicaraguan citizens displaced by the Interoceanic Canal to fit into the Miskitu territories. The Colonos kill, maim, kidnap, rape and displace the people. As well as killing livestock and destroying their ability to harvest produce.

The Miskitu people, having no weapons, personal defense or protection are subjected to the actions of Nicaraguan military  and Honduran forces. Their homes are raided and they even have their utensils taken. The Colonos attack daily! New laws are created every time they begin to move forward that haunt any progress. They are continuously taking one step forward and at gun point they are forced to take three steps back.

    We are witnessing mass extinction of their people, agriculture, animals, livelihoods, ecology, environment and culture. In honoring their part of the agreement, now they are facing no future all! On behalf of the Miskitu people, we call upon on the UN, United States, Great Britain, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador to offer aid. Return our weapons so that we are able to defend ourselves and our land. The people are being shot and slaughtered like animals!

 Today, by deliberate ignorance and greed, destruction is occurring.


 Mass extinction is not acceptable to the Republic of Moskitia. Not responding to their requests is the same as condoning Daniel Ortega’s terrorism. The people of the Miskitu nation are captives. We know and believe that the United Nations, United States of America, Great Britain, Spain and the free world as a whole will not allow these atrocities to continue.

miskitu water3.jpgmiskitu water.jpgmiskitu in water.jpg



Progress and development in a civilized humane and intelligent society does not put money over quality of human life. If such an attitude exists we all pay in the end. A race or group of individuals that rule through oppression only claim superiority because the other human being was not allowed a voice or a chance to put their best forward and win or lose the race. The displacement and robbery of people and their properties is unacceptable. The continued tradition of conquering and taking land by force has to be changed. There is no room for these actions in 2016. They are barbaric, savage and tragic! History is studied for us to learn. When you know more you make better decisions going forward. Let us start preventing any repeat of past mistakes!

We must get out of our comfort zones to promote a better life globally for all. We, as intelligent civilized people, can not and must not allow others to destroy the peace of the Miskitu Nation. No one has the right to impose their religion, culture or thoughts on others. Especially in their own land and home!

We can lead by example. We can be the change now. The inalienable rights of not only the Miskitu Nation but all living beings can not be denied no matter how many laws are passed. We must learn and understand that everything on this planet has been given to all of us. We must fight with emotional and intellectual intelligence and if all else fails physical force for a better world now and in the future. I believe that the Creator has a plan and will see it carried out.

Be not afraid of man nor god (Because God is omnipotent and does not need to stoop to man's manipulation through fear). We the Nation of Miskitu and all human beings are under the watchful eye of our creator. We are purposes with a mission to fulfill and no force on earth can stop our mission. It shall be fulfilled.

This petition is for people all over the world. Let the people of the Miskitu Nation know that they are not alone!  We are a global family and we should be there for one and other. We have the power to move things in the direction of progress and balance.


That's all you have to do and you'll see miracles. What you do in your lifetime and how you use your authority, compassion and valor is what elevates you. Words can be empty. Actions are not.

How will you be remembered?

  Picturesque Ocean perfect setting for vacation




Beautiful beaches


Lakes and Rivers









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Prinzapolka 13th of July 2016

miskitu in water.jpgmiskitu water3.jpg 10719534_10203712854756391_2038732678_n.jpg

People live in infested poisonous water from gold being washed in cyanide in the rive children are born sickly and deformed. The culture is joyous culture and proud they won’t let anything let them down.

Miskitu Hospital, they get this in exchange for their Precious metals being hauled by the truck load.


go2.jpgimage03 (1).jpg

Children are traumatized from raids and attacks      This Farmer was shot while harvesting and lost his leg


Lumber is sold then uprooted then the roots are burned. Lumber that could keep on giving forever!


Miskitu handmade weapons of self defense

colonos 5.jpg

Colonos (Sandinista soldiers posing as farmers and their weapons)

C:\Users\Ronny\documentos de rony\Desktop\101MSDCF\DSC01329.JPG

Miskitu Commander killed in the Santa Clara Wawa by Colonos (Sandinista Soldiers)

colonos.jpgDSCF4257.JPGColonos posed for a picture my daughter Ercell  and  Laura Charmaine R N from texas risked their lives and sought out colonos, Posing as journalist were able to get an interview and get pictures 3 days later they attacked Santa Clara Wawa Miskitu Sovereign Territory. Killing and shooting at unarmed farmers, women, children and livestock with surprise attack.


Victims of attacks and spent casings!