Summers-Knoll Library Collection Development Policy


The Summers-Knoll library supports the mission of Summers-Knoll School and aims to provide all members of the Summers-Knoll community with access to and understanding of print and electronic information resources. The library is at the literal and metaphorical heart of our school. We aim to develop a library collection and program that reflects and supports our school community and its values.


Selection of materials is the job of the librarian. Suggestions from teachers, parents, and students are always welcome. Materials will be selected based on the following considerations:


Materials that are donated to the library will be evaluated with the same considerations with which purchased materials are evaluated. Materials donated to the library but not added to the library collection will be offered to teachers’ classroom collections and then, if they are not claimed, donated to local charities.


Periodically, the librarian will review the collection to ensure that it remains relevant, accurate, and useful. Other considerations, including appearance, duplication, frequency with which the item circulates, and curricular needs may also influence the librarian’s decision to withdraw an item from the library.

Requests for reconsideration

Requests for reconsideration of library materials must be made in writing. Requests must include the title, author, and page number(s) of objectionable content. Requests will be reviewed by a committee of teachers, parents, the Head of School, and the librarian. During the review process, the item will remain in the library.

This policy is based on the values promoted by the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights ( and the American Association of School Librarians.