Spring Season - Sign-up Letter

After School Program (ASP) and Competitive Athletic & Academic Teams (CAAT)

Dear Parents,

Please take note of the choices that students will have when selecting After School Programs and Competitive Athletic & Academic Teams.  One difference is that with the teams, one of the goals is to have competitions within our school as well as attend competitions at other international and foreign schools.  

These programs will be available beginning after Spring Break and will continue for all of April and May.  

We hope to have sign-ups completed by the end of the week (deadline noon, Friday, 25th)

Please see the choices below, and click on the links to any that you would like to sign up for.  


Spring Soccer Team(s)         Grades 1-5

Tuesdays and/or Fridays

For boys and girls.  We hope to have enough girls playing that we can also make girls-only teams (Wonder Girls Soccer).

Spring Math Team                Grades 1-4


Do you enjoy math?  Are you interested in Math competitions?  Join the math team and become the best mathlete you can be!


ASP Homework Club                        Grades K-4


ASP ELL Club                                Grades K-4


ASP Chinese Tutoring Club                        Grades 1-4


ASP Square-one Soccer Club                Grades PK-K


For more information regarding After School Programs or Competitive Teams, please feel free to contact the FP Office.  


Mr. Hill

Director of First Program