Tutorial Plan

Please use this document to create your own set of steps for planning your tutorial.


Start Filming

Filming must be complete,

 editing in class

Final Due Date (end of class)

6A (our “to do” list)

Mar 21

Apr 15

22 April

6B (our “to do” list)

Mar 25

Apr 16

25 April

6C (our “to do” list)

Mar 20

Apr 17

24 April






Get ingredients like Origami

I need to get the ingrediants or things that I need for making a origami crane then buys them.

March 26


Find a place to record

Find a nice quiet place where i can voice over and record my self making a origami crane

april 10



Find a quiet place to record and start film.

april 15



Edit the film and music with the voice over then edit till get it what you would like.

april 16



Upload my video into youtube

april 25


Embed into my blog and right blog post

Once my video is up on my youtube channel then right a blog post all about my tutorial.

april 29