CTDS Meeting Minutes 3/6/2017

In attendance: Derek Brown, George Young, Wendy Carson, Margaret Granbery, Beth, Robb, Richard, Feather

Treasurer’s Report: Profit at each dance in 2017!

Next Dance: Carolina Ceili and Vicki Herndon. Margaret will confirm host. George will run sound.

March 25: Horse Mountain and Chrissy Davis-Camp. Margaret will confirm host. George will confirm that Chris will run sound.

Suzanne showed the newcomer passes and punch cards designed by her friend and suggested that the Board pay her $50 for her services. The Board tabled the discussion.

Derek suggested that we use some of the time at the April meeting to discuss our vision for what we want on the website and invite a web designer to the May meeting to discuss what he/she could do.

2017 and Advanced Dances: Derek requested permission to schedule a dance without verbal approval from the Board, if the perfect opportunity arises. The Board granted approval. The Board agreed to try to schedule an Advanced Dance for Saturday, September 30 or Thursday, October 19.

English Country Dancing: Suzanne can do a dance on March 25.

Publicity: Invite dancers to join our FB group during the break.

Suzanne sent our event to the CTFP, Chatt Now, the Pulse, Dalton Daily Citizen, and American Towns. The Meetup Group has 50 members. The Board will publicize themes on Facebook and Meetup.

Sound info notebook: Derek and George will update the information in the current notebook and will inventory current equipment.

Margaret will get cards for Mike Robinson and Jim Crawford.

Bank forms: The Board will use the Hixon branch. Wendy and George need to bring in copies of their driver's license.

Misc: Margaret will add the schedule of membership and updates to the Board portal on the website. Margaret will also inquire at CDSS about membership status and contact information.

Lessons at the break: Robb suggested running lessons before the dance, but the Board agreed that that was usually the caller’s job/perogative. Robb and Wendy agreed to run a swing workshop at the breaks.

Derek suggested that each dance have assigned “dance coaches” that would stay to the side to look for dancers who need help. Robb suggested that we use “dance coach” badges, instead. Margaret will bring the button maker to Wendy, who will make some buttons.

Derek suggested a work session at his house on Tuesday, April 11 at 7 pm.

Next Meeting: Monday, April 3 at 6 at the Terminal Brewhouse