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Police:  000/911  
Ambulance:  000/911    

Medical Help

  1. Marie Stopes International
    Provides healthcare for women in need, including within its fold maternal healthcare and healthcare for women who have survived violence.
    Address: Suva, Fiji
    Phone: 3317459/3317449
  2. Counterstroke Fiji
    Provides counselling services for vulnerable women and for women who have survived violence.
    Address: P.O. Box 14323, Suva, Fiji
    Phone: [679] 3305-077
    Fax: [679] 3301 161
  3. Psychiatric Survivors Association of Fiji
    Provides counselling and awareness and training for those coping with mental illness, and women who have survived violence are assisted with counselling.
    Address: Qarase House, 3 Brown St,
    Toorak, Suva. Fiji
    Ph: [679] 3313-904
    Fax: [679] 3301-161
  4. Fiji Rehabilitation Centre
    Offers resources to rehabilitate women who have survived violence through shelter and rehabilitative assistance. Also provides training for women in the form of vocational skills.
    Address: P.O. Box 2262, Suva, Fiji
    Phone: [679] 3314-177
    Fax: [697] 3314-556

Legal Help

  1. Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre (FWCC)
    Provides crisis counselling and legal, medical and other practical support services for women and children who are sufferers and survivors of violence committed against them by men.
    Address: 88 Gordon Street, Suva, P.O.Box 12882 Suva, Fiji
    Tele: 3313 300
    Fax: 3313 650

Resources (Food, Shelter, Clothing, Crisis Response)

  1. Oceania Society for Sexual Health STI and HIV Medicine
    Provides assistance for women who have survived violence to deal with issues of sexual health and to keep STIs at bay.
    Address: C/o SPC, Private mail bag, Suva, Fiji Islands.
    Phone: 679 3385 480
  2. Fiji Council of Social Services
    Provides relief and support for disadvantaged communities, and supports women who have survived violence or are vulnerable to violence.
    Address: 256 Waimanu Rd Suva, +679 Suva City, Central, Fiji
    Phone: +679 331 2649

    Education and Empowerment
  1. Fiji Women's Rights Movement        
    Offers assistance for women in the form of awareness and advocacy.
    Address: P O Box 14194, Suva, Fiji
    Phone: 679-331-3156
  2. YWCA - Young Women's Christian Organization
    Provides assistance for women in the form of education and empowerment.
    Address: Regal Lane, Thomson Street, Suva
    Phone: + 679 330 4829
    Fax: + 679 330 3004