The easiest way to get up and running with an instance of Elevator is to have it hosted by LATIS.  The flexible, cloud-hosted nature of Elevator makes this relatively straightforward.  This document outlines the requirements for establishing an Elevator instance, and the policies surrounding its ongoing support and maintenance.


Establishing an Amazon Account

Each Elevator instance is responsible for its own asset storage and transfer costs.  This is done using a cloud service called Amazon S3. This will involve setting up an Amazon Web Services account ( using a purchasing card.  Specific technical steps for setting up your S3 space are available in a separate document.

Your instance will store all of its assets within this S3 storage space, and you will be responsible for these costs.  If you let your Amazon account lapse with non-payment, Amazon will delete your assets.  LATIS does not provide any independent backup of these digital assets.

Domain name or subdomain

By default, your Elevator instance will be available at  If you’d prefer, you may use a subdomain (, but it will require a few extra steps.  Work with your IT group to get the domain name registered.  We will generate an SSL certificate for that domain.  Then work with LATIS staff to get that domain setup on the Elevator instance.


As a requirement for using the LATIS-hosted Elevator instance, you must setup a free Google Analytics account ( and add the analytics key to your Elevator Instance.  The analytics data for this instance must be shared with LATIS staff.


While the primary cost for an Elevator instance is the S3 storage that you’ll be paying for directly, there are additional server hosting and usage costs incurred by LATIS.  If your instance is unusually high traffic, and substantially exceeds the average for other LATIS-hosted instances, you may be asked to transition to a dedicated hosting environment.  If that occurs, we will work with you directly to establish a timeline and process for that transition.

Support and Updates

LATIS will share all of our available documentation and support materials with you in on an ongoing basis, and will keep you informed as we add features and enhancements. We will not be responsible for ongoing end user support.  We will act as tier-3 support, in collaboration with your support staff, to address issues with the underlying system.

You are welcome to suggest directions for future enhancements to Elevator.  We will not guarantee implementation of a given feature without a specific cost-sharing agreement in place.   Elevator is an open source product, licensed on the AGPL v3 license.  If you’d like to direct your own development resources toward the project, we’re happy to accept that participation via standard collaborative development methodologies.

Discontinuation of the Service

Elevator is a new service, and we’re still developing this hosting model.  If, upon review, we determine that the service is not viable, users will be provided with no less than 6 months of notice, and we will make reasonable efforts to assist with a smooth transition to another platform.