EdTech 505 Week 2

Assignment submission

Karrie Cox

Chapter 1: What is Evaluation?

This chapter will provide you with an overview of program evaluation. You will read two ways to define evaluation, and the implications of each.

Prezi Assignment 2

Exercise 1 pg. 20.

Currently the project that has taken most of my time is moving from one state to another.  The purpose of this move is to move out of state, with the main goal being a success move and a secondary goal of moving all the pets with no collateral damage.

The activities that will be performed in this project are; PACKING UP – obtain movers, hire help, do it ourselves; MOVING:  Planning the route, using a commercial company, hire drivers, or do it ourselves.  Do we fly and meet our moving company at the house or drive?  PETS: How will the animals travel?  In pet cargo holders, do we drug them, do we get someone to sit with them and fly them out later.

The reason to evaluate this project is twofold: 1) to compare all travel costs with a previous travel to the state we are moving to, and 2) to note costs in economic preparation for our move.

Given the two definitions of evaluation, the evaluation of this project will fall within both.  It will be important to determine to what extent our objectives have been met, as well as determine if we would recommend or repeat this same experience again.

Week 2 Evaluation Proposal Updated:

I am interested in evaluating Edmodo an online classroom management system. I just moved out of the school district that began to implement a training for all instructors.  Administrators have seen that the instructors at Modoc High School have little to no advanced communication tools to communicate with their students.  Most communication takes place after a problem has already exists and thereby has been viewed as negative by students and their parents.

Program Description

We live in a technology rich environment embedded in our lives, especially our students.  It is seen as a downfall by not reaching students in their own environments and by blending education into an environment where they can be reached would give the opportunity for better communication for class instructions and communications for everyone.

Students in the 21st century live in a technology and media embedded environment, noticeable characteristics that include: 1) instant access information, 2) tech tools at their disposal in the form of cell phones, personal tech devices (iPods, iPads, etc.)  that are always evolving, and 3) the ability to communicate amongst themselves and their peers both in collaboration with others and individually.  To be effective in the 21st century, instructors need to exhibit skills related to information, media and technology to keep their students involved.


An evaluation would help ensure that the resource would efficiently and effectively meet the needs of stakeholders involved: Administration, Teachers, students, and parents.

Activities would include:

  1. Learner analysis
  1. Group of individuals involved
  2. Characteristics
  3. Location
  4. Attitude
  5. Skills
  1. Resource Needs Analysis
  1. Human resources (trainer, time, costs)
  2. Instructional facility.
  3. Prioritize capabilities
  1. Content: curriculum resources
  2. technology resources: Hardware
  1. Develop and/or modify evaluation instruments (For data analysis)
  1. Qualitative
  1. observation
  2. surveys
  3. interviews
  1. Quantitative
  1. summative
  1. Analyze data
  2. Prepare evaluation report
  1. Executive summary
  2. Program description
  3. Evaluation method
  4. Findings
  5. Interpretations and reflection
  6. Recommendations
  1. Outcomes
  1. What occurs as a direct result of action(s)?   

Will the decision making body continue implementation, make changes where problems existed?