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Music and Fine Arts

Contact Me at rhagar@jasper.k12.ar.us

Prep Time: 9:40-10:25


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A note from Ms. Hagar

Welcome to music!

Click “Band” or “Beginning” to the left to view class syllabus.

The music calendar will be available as soon as the basketball schedule is released.

Click “Lesson Plans” link and type in the code “hagar” to view current lesson plans.

Remember your $25 orchestra fee is due by Friday, September 18, 2015. Remember to get with Ms. Hagar about a payment plan or extention if you have a financial hardship. We use this fee to purchase new music, instrument supplies,purchasing new instruments,  and our t-shirt uniform. We will be ordering the t shirts soon if any adults would like to order a music t-shirt to wear please let Ms. Hagar know by Friday, September 28th.

High School

We are starting the school year by brushing up on our fundamentals.  All students grades 9-12 will need to pass off the 2 octave Bb Major Scale by Friday, August 28.  We will also have a technique pass off on Bb Scale Pattern #1 on Friday August 28.


Last week we learned/reviewed how to read music notation and will be having a written test on Monday, August 24 during class.  

This week we will be learning how to form the correct embouchure for our instrument, how to assemble and hold our instrument properly, and how to clean and take care of our instrument.  

Upper Elementary 4th-6th Grade

The upper elementary is busy learning to play the recorder. The recorder is an important step in learning to play a more advanced instrument later on. It also allows students an opportunity to practice the music literacy skills they have been developing in the the lower graders. Parents be patient!  The recorder is not the most beautiful instrument but it is an huge step in your child’s musical development. Students are starting recorder karate.   Students will learn different songs organized by difficulty or “belts.”  Students will have an opportunity to pass off their belt song for the class.  If there are minimal mistakes, they can earn that color belt to tie onto their recorder.  We have learned the songs for the “white” (“Hot Cross Buns” and “yellow” (Gently Sleeping) belts so far.  Next up is the green belt “Merrily We Roll Along”

Lower Elementary K-3rd Grade

The lower elementary has been learning lots of fun game songs in preparation for learning some musical elements in a few weeks.  Ask your child to sing you their favorite song from music class!  Some examples are “Lucy Locket,” “All Around the Buttercup,” “Here Comes a Bluebird,” “Bee, Bee Bumblebee” “and Engine, Engine, Number Nine.”