Open Source Ecology

(Board Meeting Minutes: January 19, 2015)

(Google Hangout)

Board Members: 

Present: Alicia Gibb, Marcin Jakubowski, Sunny Bates

Absent: Colby, Joshua

Quorum present?  Yes

Others Present: None.


· Meeting called to order at 5:20 p.m. by Board of Directors, President, Marcin Jakubowski

· Last meeting minutes: Colby posts them.

· Chief Executive's Report:

- Into to OSE and new Board. Central goal of OSE. Main goal for 2015.

- 2014 Budget Report -

- 2015 Proposed Budget - discussion

- Q1 goals - Strategy + Metrics

- Q2 goals - Admin Protocol, Communications Strategy

- Call for Metrics Committee and Strategic Planning Committee

- Call for discussion

3 weeks program -

1 University - serious curriculum - long-lasting relationship. Initially, hard to convince people. Real revenue needs to be generated.

Alicia - Public lab is a non-profit that sells hardware - they have a business / legal model for this

Chicago School - Freakonomics - people make economic decisions in a ‘rational way’

University workshops.


Brady Forest - PCH. Manufacturing in China. Highway One - accelerator. I should know Brady.

First step: start a discussion with a potential production parnter?

Manufacturing in China?

Talk to Fabricators.

Hub of Manufacturers

Brand strategy.


Decide if you want to sell finished products or kits - following many of the RepRap 3D printer companies early on.

Groups to collaborate in workshops:

- Universities


U. Milwaukee:

D School:

CU Boulder: (Danny Rankin)

MTU (Joshua Pearce would know more there), Peace corps masters program, Open Source Hardware Enterprise


*Need to get the right students who are aligned with the same interests!*

- Underserved communities

Habitat for Humanity ?

Potential partners in adjacent communities.


  1. Release Brick Press - some cash flow. University workshops.
  2. First Distributive Enterprise model
  3. Immersion training.

· Other business:


· Assessment of the Meeting: I think it was productive.

Conclusion: getting the right parnters to help. Groups that do exactly what we are talking about. Other payment option. Other teaching people.

· Meeting adjourned at _____6:38_____________ p.m.

· Minutes submitted by Secretary, Cameron Colby Thompson