BMCA Neighborhood Conservation Plan

- Recommendations relating to Wilson Blvd -

The BMCA Neighborhood Conservation Plan has several recommendations about  Wilson Blvd.  These recommendations will accompany the 2016 Wilson Blvd. Priorities transmission to the Transportation office.

3-1 Maintain 4 through lanes along Wilson Blvd without adding roundabouts or traffic circles.  Enforce the posted speed limits.


3-20 Provide adequate-width sidewalks and stairs in all identified locations where the facilities are missing, in need of repair, or too narrow for use by handicapped persons.


3-22 Protect pedestrian safety by enforcing County Codes that require trimming of shrubs, trees, etc., within the public sidewalk spaces and appropriate location of retaining walls and piping structures.  (This is certainly applicable to the Willow Oaks planted in the utility space in the 5900 block of Wilson Blvd that have roots that raise up blocks of the sidewalk and cause a safety problem for the pedestrians.)


3-23 The Department of Environmental Services should review its policies on sign location near sidewalks, locations of utility poles and support cables, and snow clearing in the neighborhood and make adjustments to reduce the impact on the pedestrians.


3-34 Work with Metro to allow further identification of the bus stops along Wilson Blvd and installation of informational displays as the neighborhood desires.

3-35 Work with Metro to move the existing bus shelter in the 5900 block of Wilson Blvd, relocating it to the flat area a half-block to the east (next to the Four Mile Run Bridge).



BMCA Neighbor Conservation Plan