I was scouring the Bloomberg’s database, looking for ideas and … suddenly I thought it could have been useful to group  the entire universe of stocks by number of companies (2,000), in order to see:

The results seems interesting.

In terms of basic fundamentals, of the more than 32,000 stocks, it seems* that:

Below is the table with 16 groups of 2,000 stocks over 5 mln.$ market caps: it’s incredible how many possibilities are available to a stock picker, long or short, in order to make money (if only she or he could have easy access to international markets). For example, solely in the 45 mln.$ < market cap < 350 mln.$ range, there are 8,000 stocks!

* Data are taken from Bloomberg, November 29, 2015. I’ve taken the median of each ratio or score. ‘Rank’ is a way to summarize and give a score to a mixture of ratios we have used as fundamentals: 'Free Cash Flow Yield’ (the higher the better), ‘5 Year Average Roe’ (the higher the better), ‘P/B’ (the lower the better).