Day 8

Hello one and all! I am designing these plans to be more like challenges or acts of discovery. I have no desire to give my kids worksheets. (That goes for in school as well!) Instead, I want to challenge their creativity and critical thinking. I want them tackling tasks and using their own thought processes and unique mindset to complete these tasks. You will notice different academic areas blended into these challenges. I am giving two challenges a day to give you two separate time blocks for your kids’ creative exploration. I will start with grades 2-8 or above and then put variations for younger kids. If your 1st grader is super smart and responsible, then maybe they can try the fist variation. Vice Versa for 2nd graders. So, here we go!

Challenge #1  - This is the CATAPULT ACCURACY Challenge. (said in TV game show voice)

For this challenge, you will be designing and making a catapult. The goal for this catapult is to launch an object into a plastic cup. In my house, we will be launching little toy characters. Some kids will choose marshmallows, dice, quarters, etc. Whatever you choose, be sure that breakable objects are not nearby.

Phase 1 - Design your catapult using materials you have in the house. Think plastic spoons, baskets, popsicle sticks, rubber bands, or anything that will work for you. Sketch out your plan. Make sure you are thinking about how to adjust the height and distance.

Phase 2 - Make your catapult. During your constructing process, make sure you are testing and making tweaks as needed.

Phase 3 - Launch that bad boy! Set up your cup and start launching. See how many you can make in a row!

Younger Kid Variation

This is a challenge for all ages. Here are some ideas for assisting the younger learners.

For the younger kids,  they will need help coming up with launch ideas. Show them the spoon over a finger concept. Show them an old school catapult on YouTube. They will definitely need your assistance with constructing for it to be successful.

Challenge #2 - This is the PHYSICAL FITNESS TEST Challenge. (said in TV game show voice)

Building off what we did last week, we will check in on how you are doing with your physical fitness. So, today we will do another fitness test and see if you improved your scores since last week. Do this inside or outside if the weather permits.

Phase 1 - Write the following exercises down on paper. Write one exercise down per line.

  • Sit-ups
  • Jumps (knees high)
  • Jumps (over a line)
  • Push-ups
  • Lay down jumps
  • Run in Place

Phase 2 - Perform each exercise and count your totals for a one minute time frame. Write that total down. Compare this to your baseline total from last week. Do these every day, but don’t write down your totals on these days. Next week, we will repeat this and record our next set of totals. We want to see if your numbers go up!!

Exercise Explanations

  • Sit-ups - Lay on floor and bend knees with feet flat on the floor. With someone holding your feet down, see how many times you can sit all the way up. If needed, parents may modify to build confidence!
  • Jumps (knee high) - Standing in one spot jump as high as you can and bring your knees up and then down during the jump.
  • Jumps (over a line) - Pick a line on the floor somewhere in the house or on a sidewalk. Jump side-to-side over the line as many times as you can in one minute.
  • Push-ups - Again, modify if needed.  Shoot for on your toes, but do it on your knees if needed.
  • Lay down jumps - Lay flat on your stomach and then get to your feet and jump as high as you can. Go back to your stomach and repeat as many times as you can in a minute. I believe these are also called “burpees.”
  • Run in place - count every time a foot touches the ground.

Younger Kid Variation

Modify as needed! Maybe do 30 seconds?