Dishes are listed with a suggested wine, available as priced.

    Appetizers    v - vegetarian      gf - gluten free       * vegetarian or gluten free on request

Duck Wings, Yuzu Kosho, Grilled Pineapple  (gf)   12                

        Errazuriz Chardonnay  9.50 glass

Wild Mushroom Fricassee, Polenta (v,gf)  12                                        

Rompicollo  9.50 / Glass

Gnocchi, Spicy Italian Sausage, Greens, Parm   14

Truth Fume Blanc 10.50 / glass

Eggplant “Meatballs”, Marinara Sauce (v)  12                                        

Roth Merlot  10.50 /Glass

New Orleans BBQ Shrimp, Grilled Bread (gf*)   15

           Pewsey Vale Riesling  9.50/Glass

Grilled Pork Belly, Korean BBQ Sauce, Kimchi (gf) 12

        Volver Tempranillo  9.50 / glass

Cornmeal Fried Oysters, Pepper Jelly        (gf)        12                                

        Bardin Sancerre  12.00 / Glass

Blistered Green Beans, Bacon, Thai Basil, Peanuts  (v*) 12                                Boundary Breaks Riesling  9.00 / Glass

Soups and Salads

House Mixed Green Salad, Sherry Vinaigrette  (v,gf)        9                              

Kale Salad, Dried Cherry, Fennel, Pistachio Vinaigrette (v,gf)          12                 

Grilled Romaine, Caesar Dressing, Crouton  (gf*)   13                           

Daily Soup   10                                                                                   

Charcuterie (gf)

Our Meats and Cheeses are cured in house or Sourced from the finest Artisans, here and abroad

All Meat   Small 16   Large 21  

 All Cheese    Small 15    Large  21

 Both Meat and Cheese   Small   20    Large  28

Entrées     v - vegetarian      gf - gluten free       * vegetarian or gluten free on request

Brick Chicken, Crushed Potatoes, Spinach, Lemon Caper Sauce     (gf)  25    

Victor Pinot Noir 10.00 / glass

Norwegian Skrei Cod, Walnuty- Bacony Brussels, Mustard & Dill   (gf)   28   

Arrowood Chardonnay  11.00 / glass

Sea Scallops, Baby Carrots, Forest Mushrooms, Chive Sauce    (gf)   28   

Bryn Mawr Pinot Noir  12.50 / glass

Filet Mignon, Horseradish Mashed Potato, Oxtail Ragout (gf)   36

Hands of Time Cabernet 15.00 / glass

Grilled Cauliflower Steak, Thai Pumpkin Curry, Apple Salad  (v)  24        

Kaltern Gewurztraminer  9.00 / glass

Norwegian Salmon, Singapore Slaw, Chilli Crab Sauce  (gf) 26

Droin Chablis  13.00 / glass

Grilled Pork Tenderloin, Black Bean Sauce, Grilled Peppers, Pulled Pork  (gf)  25    

        Justin Cabernet Sauvignon   14.00 / glass

Grilled Gulf Shrimp, Red Mule Grits, Tomatillo Sauce (gf*)   26

        Brooks Runaway Pinot Blanc  10.00 / Glass

A la Carte Steaks (gf)

Enjoy your choice of Fresh All Natural Beef from Creekstone Farms and Wagyu from Australia

Served with your choice of House-made Steak or Horseradish Sauce. These dishes are served “A La Carte” so complete your meal with a choice of sides and an extra sauce (additional charges will apply).

       Prime  NY Strip    32                   Cowboy Ribeye  36             Teres Major    25                                                                                                

Extra Sauces:   Oxtail  7     │  Green Peppercorn 3   │  Chimichuri  2

Steaks like these Deserve a Big Red Wine!

Our Coravin Wine Program

The Coravin System extracts wine using Argon gas without ever opening the bottle, so the wine stays perfect indefinitely. We use this system to serve some select wines which would otherwise not be available by the glass.

Try one of these:

2013  RdV Vineyards “Rendezvous” - Delaplane, VA                              25 / glass

2013  Grand Moraine Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, OR                            25 / glass

2012  Capture Alliance - Spring Mountain, Napa                                    28 / glass

2011  Trapiche "Orellana" Terrior Series Malbec - Mendoza                   22 / glass

Sides - 6.50 each

Sautéed Spinach ~ Pecorino Potatoes ~ Butternut Squash

Roasted Brussels ~ Horseradish Mashed Potatoes ~ French Fries