1. 4.4 release last things.

2. NT document. Dave’s suggestions.

3. Call for January meeting agenda items.





NEW TOPIC: 4.4 release last things.

DH: Uploaded c++ tar yesterday

DH: Per agreement in last week meeting to upload before completing documentation

MK: Much outstanding documentation to go.

MK: Req GW to have a look at the javadoc of pvDataJava and  easyPVAJava. A similar thing to embedding the reference documentation. See if that’s cool.

AI: GW - see javadocs of

MS: What about another release in a month or so, with docs and bug fixes included? SNS found bug which I fixed shortly after the 4.4.0 release.

MK: SNS have a neutron detector which hangs if left running overnight, the client connects and then stops.

GW: Problem is in pvAccess?

MS: Maybe, could be prevented in pvDatabase but the fix is in pvAccess.

MK: Purely a bug-fix, no API changes.

GW: Want to move to continuous release model, more frequent.

MK: Plan to work on docs up until Christmas. Embedding reference document into release?

GW: Don’t like, can’t make trivial changes/fixes without making a new release.

AJ: Better to have some docs in release, but always refer people to the website for the latest version.

MK: The POM.xml can copy the overview into the JavaDoc output.

GW: Doesn’t mean we should use that capability, overview is often just a paragraph or a page.

MK: Please take a look, on the default branch.


GW: Status of Java repo’s?

MK: No changes since last -rc for pvData

MS: Ditto for pvAccess.

GW: Problem in pvdata utils, but will look at again after the release.

MK: One bug-fix change to pvDatabaseCPP, currently on default but will merge into release branch.

GW: Index page, Getting Started & README must reflect 4.4.

DH: README is bundled with both C++ tarfiles, I updated it.

GW: I haven’t updated anything in README for Java.

DH: I asked you to look at it, that’s what is now packaged, you said it was OK.

AJ: Need a new release number, include MS bugfix and README changes.

DH: pvAccess Protocol spec status?

MS: Needs to be updated too.

GW: Orthogonal to release, can be updated in parallel.

AI on GW & DH: Update and package

AI on MS: Update pvAccess Protocol Spec.

DH: Feedback to GW on index page updates: Not obvious where to go next after reading. Need links to Getting started, Protocol spec etc. at the end of the text.


MS: Multicast not finished/working yet, needs to be removed from index page

GW: Features doc also mentions that.

GW: Please send me examples, screen-shots etc. or upload to SF screenshots area.

New Topic: NT document. Dave’s suggestions.

GW & DH: Doesn’t hold up the release.

GW: Clarify various things.

New Topic: Call for January meeting agenda items.

GW: Big items: dbGroup, Gateway

AJ: Bob has been collecting/discussing items. Sinisa should be able to come, hope he can talk about pvaPy and client API improvements.

Telecon next week, but not on the 23rd.